20 Things Your Waiter Wishes You’d Stop Doing Already

By Emily St John - 01 Sep 2018

We often treat ourselves to dinner out on the town as a luxury or special occasion. So naturally you want the experience to be good – great, even. Funnily enough, so does your waiter and so does the restaurant! After all, they want you to come back.

We're firm believers in a quality, fuss-free dining experience. So that's why we've teamed up with ANZ to celebrate the release of their slick new ANZ BladePay™ device, that together with the right POS vendor app can help make this experience smooth. By taking the hassle out of the payment process, you can spend more time enjoying your meal and less time complaining about it…what a time to be alive. So now that we’re all on the same page, we’ve rounded up 20 times your waiter wished you knew what they were thinking…

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Posted by The Urban List on Friday, September 28, 2018

Moving tables

You sat down—that’s your table. A better one opens up—that’s not your table.

Changing the menu

It’s listed on the menu like that for a reason. The chef is going to hate me, not you.

‘What’s your favourite?’

I get leftovers or staple meals, not the sirloin. I’m always going to say, “It’s all delicious.”

Interrupting while serving another table

See all these other tables? There are more people dining other than you.

Asking to order when you’re not ready

If you haven’t chosen, don’t call me over. I could be taking someone else’s order while you ‘um’ and ‘ah’.

Complaining about pricing

I didn’t price anything. Especially my salary.

‘Can I ask the chef a question?’

They’re busy, k?

Telling not asking

It’s called manners. Please and thank you like your nan taught you.

Requesting a hundred condiments

If the meal required sauce, it would come with it.

Blaming the waiter

I serve the meal; I don’t design it or cook it. I carry it.

Requesting a dietary requirement (unless you’re actually allergic)

If you don’t like an ingredient in a specified dish, order something else.


I’m not single and/or attracted to you.

Snapping your fingers

I’m not a genie. I’m a human being.

The air signature

It’s super condescending.

Asking to hurry up

Chances are I’m going as fast as humanly possible.

Staying at the table for five more hours than necessary and asking for more water

Trust me, you're hydrated enough. Please leave.

Staying past closing

I want to go home.

Not tipping

Please tip.

Seating yourself without asking

We'll always try and make room for you.

Not waiting until a table is cleared

Can we please wipe it down first?

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