20 Things Every Foodie Has Said

By Rachel Lay
25th Apr 2016

Foodies seem to cop it pretty badly. Almost as bad as hipsters. Or inner city wankers. Let’s be real though, we all have a little bit of foodie in us. Hands up if you’ve said any of these…

1. Have these almonds been activated?

2. Can you not talk about truffle butter that way? I don’t want to see it in that light…

3. Who’s the chef? What doco would I know him from?

4. So I was watching Chef’s Table last night…

5. I’ll only eat a meat pie if the pastry is made in-house and it’s filled with a ragu.

6. They ordered their steak well done on the first date, so it was also the last date. Ever.

7. Wait don’t eat yet, I need a picture.

8. Can you just shine your phone torch while I take a pic of our dinner?

9. Oh this restaurant only has one set of cutlery for each course, how rustic.

10. Diets just aren’t for me.

11. Oh I don’t eat there, the lighting sucks.

12. I just don’t get how people get too ‘full’ for dessert? Is that really a thing?

13. OMG I ate that way too quickly.

14. I planned my last holiday around the food I wanted to eat in that city.

15. I’m not a food blogger; I’m a food stylist.

16. I’ve been thinking about how we should tackle this buffet, guys.

17. My wardrobe sucks because I spend all my money on food.

18. So I was watching Master Chef last night…

19. What’s instant coffee?

20. She’s so tacky, her carrots even aren’t julienned…

Sound familiar? 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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