Holy Frit! | Where To Find The Tastiest Breakfast Fritters In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
28th Mar 2017

If you’re anything like us, your breakfast ordering follows one pattern and one pattern only—eggs. On. Toast. Why? Because it’s straightforward and easy.  Much like a golden retriever, eggs on toast is reliable, simple and never fails to make you happy.

But let’s get wild, guys. Let’s step outside our failsafe eggs on toast and throw caution to the wind by exploring the world of breakfast fritters. Oh yes. Fritters.

Vegies, herbs and spices all mixed together, coated in egg, fried up and loaded with tasty breakfast toppings. Here are 13 of the best spots in Perth to get your breakfast fritter fix.

Chalky’s Espresso Bar


The team at Chalky’s has got fritters down to a fine art, serving their corn ones with smashed pea and avocado, fresh salsa, sour cream, rocket and topping them off with perfectly poached eggs. And if you want an extra protein hit, you can add cured salmon or bacon to that pile of deliciousness as well.


City Beach

The people at Hamptons get 10 out of 10 for the most inventive fritters dish we’ve ever come across. Their zucchini fritters are served with house-cured yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit—kind of like a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit), beetroot salmon, pomegranate, lemon and hazelnut crumble and finally topped with crème fraiche and wild rocket. Believe that.

Mister Finch’s Noshery


The vegie breakfast fritters at Mister Finch’s come with a bit of a middle eastern twist—the fritters are stacked with poached eggs, a generous dollop of labna (for those playing at home, it’s a middle eastern type cream cheese), sprinkled with a flavoursome Egyptian dukkah and finished off with fresh rocket.

John Street Cafe


The fritters at John Street Cafe will hit the spot. Delicious fritters filled with corn and ricotta cheese, topped with smashed avo, cherry tomatoes and jalapeno sour cream.

May Street Larder

East Fremantle

The May Street Larder fritters are of the zucchini variety, cooked with lupin and lemon for a little extra somethin-somethin. They come topped with tasty smashed avocado, tomato jam, poached eggs and a savoury granola. Yum.


West Leederville

We love this West Leedy brekky spot, and the thing we love most is their fritters. Aliment cook theirs with zucchini, sweet potato and corn, and top them with smoked salmon, zesty greens, poached eggs and a drizzle of tangy honey Dijon mustard.


North Beach

If you need your fritter-fix, look no further than Tropico—their sweetcorn fritters and zucchini fritters have delicious feta running through them and are served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, roasted peppers and crème fraiche.


East Perth

Toast is really outdoing itself with their fritters, having a fair few options on their menu. But you can’t go past the bacon and maple syrup with corn fritters and eggs. Why? Because its bacon, maple syrup and fritters. All together, in glorious harmony at last.

The Little Banksia


The crew at The Little Banksia might call these hot cakes, but we're calling them fritters for the sake of this exercise. Served with smoked salmon, poached eggs, grilled halloumi and an amazing dill sauce, these kale and corn hotcakes will blow your mind.



The expertly cooked corn fritters at Sapore are served with a tomato avocado salsa, topped with two poached eggs and drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Kinky Lizard


If fritters-with-a-twist is what you’re after, you need to get yourself to Kinky Lizard and order the fried fritter balls. Their cauliflower fritter balls are fried up and served with a curried cauliflower puree, mango salsa and fresh rocket. How different indeed.

Port City Roasters

South Fremantle

Port City Roasters not only kicks goals on the caffeine front, but also the fritter front. Their sweet corn and zucchini fritters are dished up with zesty herbs, chipotle sour cream, and finished off with two poached eggs. And if you’re really hungry, you can whack some bacon on there as well.

Fortyseven Kirwan Street


The team at Fortysevenkirwanstreet keep it nice and simple with their corn and ricotta fritters, served with fresh avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes and jalapeno sour cream.

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The Little Banksia | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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