15 Of Perth’s Fattiest Feeds To Get You Through A Hangover

By Reyam Ghanim
1st Jul 2019

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We’ve all been there—waking up after a big boozy night out and googling if a hangover can actually kill you. Suddenly all those shots from the night before don’t seem like the best idea, and you’re wondering how you’ll make it through the day. Well, worry not, because we’ve found the perfect meals to help fight off that terrible feeling, so stop Googling, jump on UberEATS and pray they deliver to your area.

Here are 15 of the best feeds in Perth to get you through a hangover.

Chicken Parmigiana From Clancy’s Fish Pub

Fremantle, Canning Bridge and City Beach

There hasn’t been a hangover that a chicken parmi couldn’t fix, and Clancy’s Fish Pub dish out a seriously delicious one. Covered in melted cheese and sauce and served with hot chips, this is one sure-fire way to make it through that pounding headache.

The Breaking Bad And Cheese Fries From Meet & Bun

Perth, Mount Lawley and Fremantle

The Breaking Bad will help make you feel oh so good. The geniuses at Meet & Bun have thrown together a burger that we are sure was designed for this very purpose—to combat that deadly feeling. Packed in a warm bun with beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, smoked bacon, American cheddar, mustard and chipotle mayo, pair it with cheesy fries are you’re golden.

Big Tony’s Pepperoni From Mack Daddy's

Mount Lawley

A big slice of pizza is almost essential for fighting off a killer hangover, and Mack Daddy’s do it best. Go for Big Tony’s Pepperoni and go for the largest size, pronto.

Nachos From La Vida Urbana 


The nachos at La Vida Urbana are just what the doctor ordered, especially on a Sunday when you’re feeling crook and considering calling in sick to work on Monday. The ingredients used are super fresh, the portions are huge and the chorizo is next-level good.

Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Pie From Tuck Shop Cafe


If this pie can’t cure your hangover, then nothing can. But seriously, everyone knows that Tuck Shop Cafe makes the best pies in Perth and this one is no exception. Loaded with beef, bacon and cheese—the perfect combo to banish your sickness.

Combo For Two From Chimek

Fremantle, Northbridge, Victoria Park and Southern River

Even if you’re taking it on alone, the combo for two from Chimek has gotten us through some seriously tough times. This baby comes with four wings, one small popcorn chicken, one corn and cheese, large chips and two beers. So essentially, the perfect combo to help cure you.

Ham & Cheese Toastie From Toastface Grillah


Sometimes all it takes to help kick that pesky hangover is a really well-made toastie, and who makes them better than Toastface Grillah? Simple but extremely effective, the ham and cheese toastie comes loaded with ham, cheddar, mustard and a guarantee to help lift spirits.

The Banksy From Run Amuk


While it’s difficult to choose just one hotdog from Run Amuk that will help make you feel better, we’re pretty sure the Banksy takes the crown. Loaded with roasted red pepper relish, pickles, onion, dill sournaise, spicy mustard and served over a premium cheese Kransky, make sure you get a side of fries, and even a huge milkshake to wash it all down.

Reubens Rolly Pollies From Panda & Co


This one from Panda & Co is a no brainer—a Reuben sandwich with corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, wrapped in pastry and deep-fried. It’s topped with cheese and chives and is finger-licking good.

The Breakfast Roll From C-Breez Kiosk


Bacon and egg rolls are hands down one of the best things on this earth. Rather than head to Maccas, why not treat yourself to one of the best rolls from C-Breez Kiosk, loaded with two eggs, two slabs of crispy bacon and served in a piping hot bun. The fresh ocean air will help too.

Fish & Chips From The Groper And His Wife

Claremont and City Beach

One of the best things for a hangover has to be super greasy fish and chips, covered in chicken salt and vinegar. Do yourself a favour and order from The Groper And His Wife for what can only be described as the best fish and chips in Perth. Your body will definitely thank you.  

Pork & Prawn Wonton In Spicy Sauce From Authentic Bites


A fan favourite and one that has cured many a hangover, the pork and prawn wonton dumplings from Authentic Bites are something else. Combine these dumplings with some Chinese tea and watch that hangover melt away.

Mac & Cheese From Varnish On King


Grab a spoon and tuck into the mac and cheese from Varnish On King, your taste buds will be dancing. Oh, and it will also halt the pounding in your head. Pair it with a cheeky drink and we guarantee you’ll feel brand new.

Lefteris Lamb From Filos & Yiros


If island hopping in Greece showed us anything, it’s that a yiros is vital for recovery, and the crew at Filos & Yiros serve up the best. Get your hands on the Lefteris Lamb, a warm, fluffy pita loaded with lamb, fries, tomato, onion and tzatziki, and thank us later.

Fried Chicken Pancakes From Mary Street Bakery

Highgate and Leederville

For those after a cure that’s a little sweeter than the rest, you can’t go past the fried chicken pancakes from Mary Street Bakery. A stack of fluffy pancakes covered with fried buttermilk chicken and coated with peanuts, maple syrup, chilli and a fried egg, even if this doesn’t cure your hangover, you won’t be mad about it.

None of these helping? Give one of Perth’s best burgers a try.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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