The Best Perth Lunches To Get You Through A Hangover

By Holly Nicholls - 23 Feb 2017

Working nine-to-five is balls for many reasons but mainly because it’s unacceptable to bring a Macca’s frozen coke and a questionably large takeaway bag full of chicken nuggets to work. Blurg. Never fear though, the city and Northbridge are full of plenty of deep-fried, cheesy eats that will help you through a hangover, so go ahead and embrace Thirsty Thursdays.  

Here are 18 of the best feeds in Perth city and surrounds to get you through a hangover.

Pork Crackle With BBQ Chicken Sandwich | Old Faithful


They say sandwich, we say the freakin’ best burger. They say double meat. We say hells yessss. Trusty mate Old Faithful will fix that hangover in a hot minute with their BBQ chicken, special mayo and coleslaw, and why not grab a side of pickles to really soothe your pain. 

The Ari Gold And Smokey Fries | Meet & Bun


Obviously we tried the Ari Gold entirely for our love of Jeremy Piven, but it turns out Meet & Bun don't need to rely on their fun names to win us over because these bad boys are epic. A melt in your mouth meat pattie, melty cheddar cheese and a brioche bun never tasted so good.

Shoyu Ramen | Nao Japanese


There’s no way our current ramen obsession wouldn’t make the list. The only bad thing about hitting up Nao when you're hungover it is that you’ll want to lie on the cold tiles, curl up into a ball and nap for at least 20 minutes afterwards. But you know, where there’s a will there’s a way!

Currywurst | Brotzeit


We all know the survival guide to Oktoberfest is German food. With or without lederhosen and dresses that are so tight you can’t breathe (or was that just us?) Brotzeit has brought the flavours of Munich straight to William Street and we’re very happy about it.

Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Pie | Tuck Shop Cafe


If beef, bacon and cheddar can't cure your hangover then nothing will. This Tuck Shop Cafe staple is an all time favourite and a surefire cure for that pounding headache. 

#1 Original Fried Chicken | Hotstar Large Fried Chicken

Perth And Northbridge

Because sometimes all you want in life is an epically large portion of fried chicken that comes in a bag. Make it a superstar combo and you’ll be feeling fine in no time. 

Pho And Spring Rolls | Tra Vinh Vietnamese Chinese Special Noodle House


If you haven't experienced the joy that is hangover Pho, you don’t know what you’re missing. Unfortunately it isn’t followed by a foot massage like you'd get in Hanoi, but you can’t have it all. Takeaway spring rolls for your 2pm snack are highly recommended.

Get Yo’ Veg Toastie | Toastface Grillah


Bread and melted cheese is the ultimate hangover cure, so of course Toastface Grillah should be on your hangover hit list. The $5 vegemite and cheese toastie is undoubtedly a gift from the food gods and is just as good for breakfast as it is for lunch.

The Americana Hot Dog and Loaded Fries | East Village


Can’t afford to head to Williamsburg to get drunk on Brooklyn Lagers? Neither can we. Lucky for our savings account, East Village dish up a damn good Reuben jaffle and some pretty good breakfast hot dogs to boot.

Reuben Spring Rolls | Panda & Co


Choosing what to order on the menu at Panda & Co will make your head hurt (more) so just trust us. Grandpa’s 7 Hour Pork Belly Bao is good. The Korean waffles are good. The chilli cheese scramble is good. But the Reuben spring rolls. Well, they're unmissable. 

Bacon & Egg Bagel | Little Willy’s


Just walking into Little Willy’s will be enough to soothe the self-pity that lingers from the night before, but the bacon and egg bagel and an iced coffee will make it completely disappear. 

Bacon Cheeseburger Sushi Roll | Fat Maki

West Perth

When you did F45 yesterday and don’t want it all to go to waste, but at the same time, you need a cheeseburger in you now, go to Fat Maki and get yourself a pimped up sushi roll. Win-win!

Bacon & Egg Roll | Petition Kitchen


Dying on the inside but still need to take a client to a fancy breakfast meeting? We vote Petition. Just remember, extra BBQ sauce is always a good idea.

Wings | Gami Chicken And Beer


Shafto Lane just got a whole lot busier thanks to the Korean fried chicken at Gami. Feral beer on tap and a side of sous-vide chips are a sure way to soothe your remorseful little hungover heart.

All The Yum Cha | Northbridge Chinese Restaurant


We’re talking steamed pork buns, siu mai and fried squid. A little tip from us to you: skip the tea and go straight to the full strength Coke at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant.

Mac & Cheese | Varnish On King


If you can handle the whisky that surrounds you, which you will, because you're smart and you understand that bacon is the cure to all of life's problems, then Varnish and their mac & cheese is where it’s at. Do we even need to mention the pork crackling?

Croque Monsieur | The Reveley


When in doubt about life, do as the French do. Because if it involves béchamel sauce for brunch, you know you’re onto a good thing. Thank you Reveley

Yiros And Haloumi | Filos & Yiros


Like we need reminding—if that Mykonos holiday taught us anything it was that Yiros at breakfast is a necessity in life. That and there is such a thing as too many Mythos beers.

None of these helping? Here are 20 Things To Do When You're Hungover AF.

Panda & Co | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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