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There’s A Two Foot Long Hot Dog Challenge Coming To Perth This Month

By Jemma Buti
6th Apr 2017

Mustard and ketchup and hot dogs oh my! It’s no secret that we love meat—whether it’s fried, BBQ'd or just put between bread, we can’t get enough of it. If you happen to share this slightly unhealthy passion then brace yourself ‘cause we’ve got something that is equal parts scary and awesome to share with you.

The MegaDog Challenge is happening! On Saturday 29 April the crazy guys from Top Dog In Town are throwing down a food challenge of carnivorous proportions.

So what’s this crazy, scary, meat-sweat-inducing challenge, you ask? Downing a 1.5kg hot dog in the flavour of your choosing—you’ve just got to do it quicker than your competitors can. The prize (besides eternal glory of course) is $500 cold hard cash. Sounds like a win-win situation, because even if you don’t win the money, you get to eat a 1.5kg hot dog.

If this sounds like something you could wolf down (pun most definitely intended), then click here for more information.  

WARNING: do not try this at home kids.

If that's not enough, there's a massive Korean BBQ challenge going on throughout April too!

Image credit: Coupon Clipping Cook

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