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A Sports Academy For Dogs Exists In Perth And We Can’t Deal

By Chloe Sputore
6th Jun 2018

Here at The Urban List we hand on heart believe dogs are life, so when we found out WA was getting its first indoor sports academy for dogs our invisible tails were wagging in delight.

It's called Kalmpets Sports Academy and it offers agility training for hounds of all levels—but that's just some fancy words for a super duper obstacle course. Offering weekly lessons, your pooch will get to practice doing all kinds of cool tricks as they manoeuvre through tunnels, between posts, and over ramps and jumps, and you'll squee with excitement when you see their happy faces when they finish the course. 

Aside from being a super fun pup date, what you learn at Kalmpets Sports Academy can be applied to your dog's day to day that means they might finally stop jumping on the dinner table.

Click here to register your pooch with the academy and be sure to send us snaps of fido killing it on the course. 

Image credit: Pexels

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