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Australia Finally Has A Nutella Burger

By Ellen Seah
20th Jan 2017

The Nutella Burger Has Arrived In Melbourne

Just when you thought Australia had exhausted all food-related Nutella avenues, a four-tiered Nutella burger has cruised into Melbourne, crushing all your diet goals with it.

Spreading diabetes far and wide, we can safely say this creation by four-wheeled truckie Nuts About Tella has KOed McDonald’s sorry excuse for a dessert. 

Four doughnut buns are smashed together in a hot press to create a crispy-on-the-outside, pillow-soft casing. Think of it as a cross between your morning pancakes and the best doughnut of your life. Oozing, thick, warm Nutella is sandwiched between buns to create the (appropriately named) Leaning Tella of Pisa.   

If you’re keen to give your GP a heart attack, you can also indulge in Nutella pizzas and Nutella doughnuts (the traditional kind) alongside your Nutella burger before heading into the good doctor’s office. 

You'll have to head to Melbourne to hunt this bad boy down (devestating, we know) and if you do, it'll be worth it. Head to their Instagram to find out where it will be next. 

Just in case you ever get sick of Nutella, here's where to get Malteser, Twix and Bounty spread

Image credit: Nuts About Tella. 

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