Be A Bloody Legend | Donate Blood And Save A Life

By Anna Franklyn
5th Sep 2017

You'd be right to say that here at The Urban List we like to have fun and we don't take ourselves too seriously. But there are a few things we hold close to our heart and one of them is helping others wherever we can, which is why we're asking everyone to pitch in and help out now.

Thanks to one heck of a flu season, the Australian Red Cross has found themselves in a serious short supply of O-negative blood—that's the kind you can give to anyone, even if you don't know their blood type so it's frequently used in emergency situations. In fact, there's only a one day supply left, so now more than ever, your choice to donate blood will hugely impact—and potentially save—others' lives.

Appointment cancellations have increased by three times over this past cold and flu season, and with only 9% of the population with blood type O-negative, they need at least 3,000 people to step up and donate over the next couple of weeks. While it's super important that you don't donate blood while you're sick, we're hoping all of you who are feeling right as rain will book an appointment ASAP—especially if you know your blood type is O-negative.

Just head to the Australian Red Cross website to request an appointment, it's as easy and that. And if you need some more convincing, just think about the free sausage rolls you'll get after.

If that's not enough do-gooding for one day, here are some ways you can change the world from your bathroom.

Image credit: Australian Red Cross

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