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Bright Tank Brewing Co Is Now Pouring Epic Beer Cocktails

By Anna Franklyn
27th Jul 2018

We love cocktails and we love beer, but they're not something we usually think to have together... until now that is.

The legends over at Bright Tank Brewing Co have created not one, but four beery delicious cocktails and you're going to want to try at least a couple of them.

Take your pick from the Tropical F Storm— a delicious blend of IPA, Montenegro, moonshine and juice—the gin and limoncello spiked Parklife, the Death Letter Blues—an epic brown ale, whiskey and bitters—or our personal pick, the decadent Edge of Darkness which is made from porter, bourbon, bitter almond and cherry.

In case you missed it, Bright Tank just opened a few weeks ago in East Perth and these delightful concoctions are courtesy of Josh Edmeades who was previously the Beer Program Manager at Petition Beer Corner—so yeah, you could say he knows his shizz when it comes to this liquid gold.

If beer's not really your thing, they also have six different kinds of Negroni, so there's that too.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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