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By Urban List Writers
17th Jun 2016

Ok, am I the only person on the internet who experienced mild anxiety over this bizzare ad of cats grocery shopping?

Cruffin, Cronut, Macaronut, and Zoodles, I would like you all to meet your new class mate: Doughrito. Doughrito is half doughnut and half burrito, please make him feel welcome.

Apparently, cocoa is the new cocaine. Someone please test this and report back to me.

Kimmy K, back at it again with the naked pics and the “my waist to hip ratio is so much better than yours”.

Need more storage of your Iphone but don't want to delete that pic of what you ate for brunch 9 weeks ago? Well finalllyyyyyy we can delete useless Apple apps (I’m looking at you, Stocks and Compass). Freedom never felt so good.

Our PM got savage AF when he launched his Snapchat. Yes this is real. Yes we have his username: TurnballMalcom.

Here is a comprehensive twitter guide on how to Netflix and Chill – with a bee.

Yeah these Mac & Cheese cocktails are a strong no from me. 

This old lady tries to internet and its the most adorable thing ever.

Donald Trump presidential campaign commerical: the supa-kawaii edition.

Have a tiny pet that needs a tiny hat? Then check out this totally useful and toally applicable video on how to style a little animal.

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