The Best Perth Meals To Warm You Up This Winter

By Kim Kirkman
1st Aug 2018

It’s cold, we know. Perth is basically a giant icicle right now. But we’ve got you covered. Mama’s Matzo Ball Chicken Soup. Whipped mash with gravy. Black Garlic Ramen. The choices are endless.

But to make sure you’re only eating the best of the west, here are Perth’s best meals to thaw your frosty winter hearts. 

Roast Lilydale Chicken | Tiny's 


Newcomer Tiny’s does actual wood-fire roasted chicken. Whole or half, cooked slow on their house rotisserie and dished up steaming with bread sauce and serrano. The potatoes are simmered in drippings, the beets—grown on Tiny’s own rooftop garden—are wood grilled and deliciously smoky and the stracciatella is perfectly creamy. Curl up beneath the wall tapestry in this timber and glass fort and enjoy every last mouthful of your feast. Finish simple—Tiny’s does little squares of chocolate, buttery soft and dark and infused with whiskey and mandarin.  

Mama's Matzo Ball Soup | Satchmo Cafe 

North Perth

To quote Seinfeld—something this North Perth soul food joint does a lot—“There is nothing finer than being in your diner.” Satchmo dolls out New Orleans cuisine with Jewish roots. There are red gingham tablecloths, jazz on vinyl, bluegrass bramble cocktails and homey apple pie. There’s also Mama’s Matzo Ball Chicken Soup—traditional Jewish dumplings in chicken and veggie broth with horseradish and a crisped bagel. It’s absolutely incredible. If that’s not enough, their Louisiana Gumbo, just quietly, gives some American red pepper spice to top notch WA seafood like crab meat, prawns and clams. The dish comes with hunks of hot, sweet cornbread on the side. Winter feed sorted.

Whipped Potatoes With Chicken Gravy | Cook And Mason


Sometimes the best way of doing winter is to just eat some summer. East Fremantle’s Cook and Mason does black pudding tortillas that are somehow bendy and crispy all at the same time. They shuck their oysters to order and their duck liver parfait is piped into soft brioche and topped with apple so it’s a little bit sweet and a whole lot good. The place’s wood floors, artful plants, epic playlists and low glow lighting will join forces to coax all the cold from your bones. And then there’s the whipped potatoes. A soft magnificent mountain of the creamiest, airiest mashed spuds we bet you’ll find this winter, served swimming in rich chicken gravy. Dig your spoon into this bowl of coziness and be complete. 

Spicy Coconut Fish Curry | Scents Of Siam


This understated little Joondalup wonder has been pulling a steady stream of regulars since it opened in January 2017. Everything, down to their sweet chilli sauce, is made from scratch. The owner comes out, without fail, to chew the fat and check in on your meal. Speaking of your meal. The headliner on a trim menu punching well above its weight is the gently spiced coconut fish curry, hand rolled rice noodles and Son-in-Law eggs—golden, fried panko crumbed eggs with soft yolk and tamarind sauce. Stoke your belly against the cold with their chilli infused creme caramel, concocted from coconut palm sugar and sprinkled with home-roasted peanuts.

Farro Risotto With Jerusalem Artichoke | Billie H 


Wine shines in the moody magic of Claremont supper club Billie H. The place is low lit and the cheese list long. All about anytime dining and shared bites, Billie H does things like rainbow carrots, Chevre D'Argenta and Fremantle sardines. The menu is seasonal and changes often. Winter show stoppers currently up their sleeve include the farro risotto with Jerusalem artichoke and parmesan and a whole red mullet in court bouillon and vermouth. 

Provolone Fondue | Whisper Wine Bar 


This restored flour mill on Essex Street channels a south of France kind of vibe, with exposed limestone walls and a killer wine list. Sit upstairs and pick a wine from a bartender who knows his reds. Hook into the cheese fondue—provolone with crusty baguettes—which is low key fabulous, kind of like a baked Camembert but there’s more of it. They also have a duck and pork terrine or a simple, sublime baguette with butter.

Black Garlic Ramen | Ramen Samurai 

Victoria Park

These warriors of ramen are cranking house made gyoza, ten-hour broth and handmade noodles down my favourite end of the strip in Victoria Park. Ramen Samurai’s ten different non-standard issue broth styles include Black Garlic and super spicy Deveil’s Ramen. Or you can get it broth-less and customize your combo of black fungus, corn and runny-centred seasoned egg. Their gyoza is a burst of porky goodness and their tunes are pretty great.  Slurp!

Everything | Swallow Bar 


Maylands local Swallow Bar has snug booths, roaring fireplaces, pinot and roast beef hot toasts. There’s a cheese cart, steak frites or chicken and Pedro Ximinez pâté, and we’re just getting started. They pack a crowd into the narrow tavern on regular live jazz and blues nights. Nab a booth, and then order the artichoke and cheese gratin with toasts for dipping. There are also beignets with cinnamon sugar.

Want more? Check out Perth's best soups.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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