Where To Find The Best Tofu Dishes In Perth

By Holly Nicholls
19th Jun 2018

Alright guys, we’re about to change your life. Ready? Here goes: tofu is really freakin’ delicious, even if you’re not vegetarian.

It turns out tofu isn’t just a sad excuse for protein that vegans have to eat so they don’t waste away. 

Given we’re super into this healthy white cloud from the East, we felt it was about time to fill you in on who’s plating up the best tofu dishes in Perth. You’re welcome!

Bean Curd Laksa | Long Chim

Perth CBD

We know, we know. It’s hard not to go for a three course pork affair at Long Chim, but trust us. If anyone can make you do the switch to team tofu, David Thompson can.

Tofu Banh Mi | Three Sisters Vientmaese Tuckshop 


Paired with a condensed milk coffee from the Vietnamese heavens, lunchtime seriously doesn’t get better than this.

Crispy Homemade Silken Tofu | Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

The homemade silken tofu at Dainty Dowager has to be one of our favourite dishes at this Mount Lawley restaurant. Served with shitake and enoki mushrooms and a broth that you'll want to lap up from the bowl, it's a winner every time.

Sukiyaki Pot | Tsunami

Mosman Park

If you have no idea how to pronounce sukiyaki let alone know what it is, listen up. It’s a pot of Japanese broth with all the goodness. And by that, we mean agedashi tofu, noodles, mushrooms, cabbage and a side of rice and egg, obviously.

Tofu Satay | Lanna Thai


Like we would forget about the King of satay, Lanna Thai. You just need to remember the following: number 34, number 63 and number 73.

Tofu Salad With Wonton Crisps | Ha-Lu

Mount Hawthorn

Sesame dressing of deliciousness packed with a crispy, crunchy and fresh salad. Look, we’re not going to lie, the pork belly is probably the best thing on the menu, but while you’re there you should also try this salad.

Fried Tofu With Chilli Salt | Canton Bay


It’s hard to go past the salty, spicy fried squid when you’re doing dim sum, but if you close your eyes, the fried tofu with chilli salt at Canton Bay is almost the same thing. Vegos rejoice! Word to the wise though: if you’re into Sunday dim sum-get there early!

Thai Green Curry | Veggie Mamma

Mount Lawley

Just walking into Veggie Mamma makes us feel healthier. There’s something holistic and comforting about an all-vegetarian menu for a mid-week lunch on Beaufort, and while there are plenty of drool-worthy tofu options here, we’re all about the curries.

Sang Choy Bao  | Miss Chow's

Claremont and Hillarys

While sang choy bao traditionally comes with pork, Miss Chow's version with tofu and veggies does not disappoint. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, the stir fried cabbage with five spice tofu should do the trick.

Salted Hand Grinded Tofu With Garlic And Chilli | Miss Potz

Mount Lawley

In our opinion, this is the perfect starter to a feast of bites at Miss Potz. Tapas meets South East Asia = match made in heaven (because it means you can eat everything).

Vegetarian Bento Box | Nobu


Like anyone could do a bento better than Nobu and a tofu packed one at that. A slight splurge for lunchtime but one that we’ve decided is worth every penny.

Miang Of Silken Tofu | Apple Daily

Perth CBD

Seriously…betel leaf, tamarind, peanuts and grapefruit might be the best flavour combination ever. If you think you don't like tofu, try this. Apple Daily, we love you.

Tofu Burger | Juicy Beetroot Cafe


Loaded to the brim with all the good stuff, this is health in a toasted sesame bun. The fact that it's vegan and gluten free are just extra little ticks for this insanely good tofu burger. Well played Juicy Beetroot.

Agedashi Tofu Soup | Nine Fine Food


Smooth and silky agedashi tofu is an umami lover’s dream. Nine Fine Food serve theirs up with crunchy tempura veg and it will blow your mind. This is definitely one to try.

Want more? Here are Perth's best vegetarian friendly restaurants.

Image credit: Dainty Dowager

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