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The Legends At Eagle Bay Brewing Have Made Donut Beer A Glorious Reality In Perth

By Emma Pegrum
11th Jul 2018

Winter weather makes people do some crazy things—some good, some bad, some downright life changing. This is an example of the latter. The legends down at Eagle Bay Brewing are about to release an Imperial Donut Stout in partnership with Mary Street Bakery, Mane Liquor and WA artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. If ‘Imperial Donut Stout’ just sounds like gibberish with a pinch of cinnamon thrown in to you, we’ve got the low down on what exactly has gone into this beer of all beers and what you can expect to experience when you throw it down your gullet.

Basically, the crew from Mary Street Bakery hand delivered 150 cinnamon donuts to the Eagle Bay Brewing digs, which were ‘split across two different mashes along with some extra cinnamon quills to add to the taste’, says Eagle Bay Brewing head brewer Nick d’Espeissis.

For those of you wondering how the heck that works, Nick says that the starch in the donuts helps with the fermentation process, resulting in a heavy beer called Donut Attack that ‘brings across some of the doughy characteristics of the ingredients, balanced with sweet notes and a thick, 9.4% alcohol content.’ Sounds like just what we need on a mid-winter’s eve.

The limited edition 640ml Imperial Donut Stout bottles will feature artwork by Kyle Hughes-Odgers (you might recognise his work from, well, everywhere), and you’ll be able to carry those around (along with your donuts—it’s an inevitable pairing) in a special matching tote bag available for purchase too.

So, where can you get your hands on this concoction? The Donut Attack will have very limited tap availability at select locations only, so you’ll have to act fast. Mane Liquor will be pouring one keg—yes, one—into takeaway growlers and serving up Mary Street donuts until they run out at the beer’s official launch on Friday 20 July from their home in Belmont.

You can get another taste the following Monday 23 July, when Eagle Bay Brewing takes over the taps at Perth’s new favourite watering hole—Tiny’s Liquor Emporium. Score a free donut with your schooner of Donut Attack, or just grab a couple of the 640ml bottles to takeaway.  

This is the fourth time Eagle Bay Brewing have teamed up with Mane Liquor and Kyle Hughes-Odgers for a winter release, with Mary Street Bakery being a new—and, might we say, extremely welcome—addition to the team. If this is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what they think of next. Smashed Avo Ale? Cruffin Kölsch?

For now, get around the Imperial Donut Stout before it runs out, and then check out our favourite breweries in WA.

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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