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This Face Jelly Will 100% Save Your Dry Skin Winter Woes

By Jessica Pridmore
19th Jul 2018


We’re (almost) half way through this frosty hell we call winter (just because the sun is out doesn’t make it warm. Fact) and our skin’s dewy post-summer glow has all but been ravaged by icy winds, office air-conditioning and ‘sub’-zero temps.

Slathering on layer upon layer of thick creams and essential oils that break your skin out faster than you can say puberty (rosehip oil, we’re looking directly at you!) is not exactly ideal—and is a no-go for oily skin types—, so how can you keep your visage looking #flawless instead of flaky and dull to the max?

Clinique, the beauty world’s equivalent of an oldie-but-a-goodie, has just dropped their version of a warm change: enter: Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.

A jelly version of their iconic moisturising cream, not only is this light-as-air product oil-free it locks in moisture for super plump-looking skin without any residue whatsoever. Bonus, this hard-working jelly also blocks the effects of pollution in the air by decreasing skin’s permeability, effectively shielding your skin from absorbing pollution in the air. Very scientific.

The best bit about Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is the surge of moisture it delivers to your skin, without feeling as though it’s suffocating under bulk layers of creams and potions.

So there, you have it. Not all superheroes wear capes—sometimes they come in pretty clear bottles.

Winter skin, saved.

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Image credit: Clinique

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