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Frozen Chocolate OAK Just Went National

By Ange Law
20th Oct 2017

frozen chocolate oak

In case you haven’t heard us say it three thousand times already—summer is coming. And what do you need to keep yourself from boiling over on a summer’s day? Frozen anything, that’s what. Enter: Frozen OAK. 

Until recently, these bad boys were only available in nine NSW servos, making them the ultimate tease for all milk lovers. But the legends at OAK have decided to go all in, announcing that not only are they taking their frozen bev national but by making it available in 144 servos across the country. We’ll just let that sink in for a minute. 

Gone are the days of milk being a bad choice on a boiling hot day—this is a game changer. We’ll be honest—we do have questions. Will it melt instantly? When it does melt, will it just turn to regular OAK or a watered down version of the delicious milk? Only time will tell people. 

To track down your closest Frozen OAK-stocking Caltex Star Mart, head here

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Image credit: OAK

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