Get Sweaty | Perth’s Best Workouts For Winter

By Lisa O'Neill - 10 May 2016

Baby, it’s cold outside! There’s only one way to combat the inevitable onslaught of grey skies, freezing extremities (hello toes, are you still there? Send in the ugg boots stat) and dark, wet mornings—get into a cranking sweat session and warm your body up from head to frozen little piggies. These gems are some of the most blood-pumping classes Perth has to offer.

Megaformer And MegaRide | LA Fit

A megaformer is basically a Pilates reformer machine on steroids and that's what you do a Lagree class on. The Lagree method combines strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility and core training into a full body workout and it burns like you wouldn't believe. As if that wasn't enough, the LA Fit team has upped the ante at their Highgate studio with Australia's first ever RideMega class which combines the Lagree method with a spin class. You'll be feeling sculpted in no time at all (after the shakes have worn off).

Hollywood Circuit | F45

When your class kicks off with burpees, you know you’re in for a killer class and I was glowing within seconds. With two rounds of 27 muscle-busting stations and a DJ pumping out sweet workout tunes, the Hollywood circuit at F45 zips by and you will guaranteed to be sweating buckets. If you’re going out for coffee after class, bring a spare change of clothes unless you want to wear your wet clothes as a badge of pride #respect #notreallyhaveashower.

Ninja Challenge Course | Ninja Academy

If you want to have ridiculous amounts of fun while becoming a sweaty mess, head down to Osborne Park and make some ninja shapes at the ninja challenge course. Kick off with a class based on one of the four elements to get warmed up (we tried fire and had before heading over to the ninja challenge course filled with all the physical (and mental) challenges you could hope for. You may end up with a couple of blisters to accompany your sweaty t-shirt, but they’ll just make you seem more awesome when you tell your buddies about your ninja class the next day.

The Red Mist Set | Swim Smooth

If you’re more of a fish than a land animal, you’ll get your kicks out of this endurance session that has Swim Smooth mastermind Paul Newsome’s regulars begging for mercy. It’s a four-kilometre set that will test your mental strength as well as your physical. Book online for this black line beauty, where you’ll likely be put on a waitlist due to its popularity (there are a lot of sick, pain-lovin’ people out there), but if anyone cancels you’ll be alerted with a text and email that it’s your turn. Game on.

The Kelly | CrossFit

CrossFit’s benchmark sets (all named after ladies because we’re obviously the more hardcore sex) are not for the faint hearted. And Kelly is the meanest biatch of them all, according to Cooee CrossFit Co-owner Kirsten Murphy. How quick can you do five rounds of 400-metre runs, 30 box jumps and 30 wall balls? Your muscles will be crying rivers of sweat after an introduction to Miss Kelly.

Perth Run Collective | Lululemon

For those counting their dollars, Lululemon is running free running sessions from the Perth store on Tuesdays and the Claremont store on Thursdays (they both start at 5.45pm) and 8am on Sundays from Clarko Reserve in Trigg. Feel the leg burrrrrn and beat the creepiness of running in the dark with a great group of people by your side. Plus, who works much harder in a group?  (Shoots hand up) Bring on the collective sweat.

Iron Yoga | The Yoga Garage

I’m all for a blissful yin yoga (and even more about the savasana), but when you’re strapped for time and want both a challenging workout and all the yoga benefits, iron yoga is for you. This strength, stamina and mobility class will have the sweat pouring out of you and have you feeling a million bucks afterwards. You might feel like one buck the next day with the DOMS, but hey ho, no pain no gain right?

Parkour | Movement Co

There’s nothing like moments that take you back to feeling like a kid. Parkour involves swinging, jumping, rolling, running and climbing around a series of large objects, reminiscent of the obstacle course in the school playground. While you have to relearn the flow of movement that came so naturally as a youngster, once you’re in the zone you’ll be sweating buckets as you whip around the course.

Konga | Warehouse Fitness Centre South Fremantle

Kick your weekend off with a crazy cardio combo of boxing, kick boxing, afro, pop, rock and disco (boredom isn’t a thing at Konga). The Warehouse hosts Konga classes on Saturday mornings at 10.40 and as it’s only $10 for a casual class (the cheapest we’ve seen yet), you’ll be finished in time, and have enough dosh leftover, for a sweet healthy lunch somewhere on South Terrace. Boom.

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Parkour At Movement Co | Image credit: Ryan Amonn

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