Health Dummy | We Try Boxing For Fitness

By Chloe Sputore
29th Jul 2016

Workouts for me usually consist of some sort of 30 minute YouTube video. Some days it’s Pilates, some days dancing and other days I work up the energy to do a HIIT class. While I’m pretty good at pushing myself at home, there really is nothing like being in a group environment to get the blood pumping and your heart racing at an all time high.

Having heard lots of great things about boxing for fitness, I was pretty eager to bust out my gloves, put on my best Rocky face and get to my first class at Anarchy Training Centre.

When I rocked up it was clear this was going to be different to any workout I had experienced before. The music was loud, muscles were bulging and glistening with sweat and there was a strong energy in the room.

Once I fumbled my way around and figured out where I needed to be, I picked up a skipping rope and started to warm up, thinking “skipping, this should be easy”. I could not have been more wrong. I’m not sure if any of you have tried skipping since you’ve reached adulthood, but it is HARD work for any period of time longer than 30 seconds. And I had to keep going for FIVE minutes. It’s safe to say I was a sweaty mess in no time at all.

Next up we were told to go for a run around the block. Sorry, what?! Run? Sadly, I heard right and I followed my other compadres out the door and around the block (and scored last place, wahoo!).

Feeling sufficiently warmed up it was time to get started on some strength, agility and power exercises, because to achieve Rocky-like fitness, you need to build those muscles first! We worked through a circuit of various exercises which included the usual kettlebell swings and planking, with some more tricky manoeuvres that I do not know the name of thrown in for good measure. After working on each station for a minute we’d all come together and work on an equally intense exercise like burpees or squats, before moving to the next station.

By the time I had finished the 45-minute workout I was exhausted. Every muscle in my body was shaking, I was drenched in my own sweat (sorry, looking pretty after this kind of class ain’t an option) and I was puffing like crazy.

The next day I returned for my first cardio boxing class and after warming up, I found a buddy, slid on some gloves and we got to work punching out our frustration on each other. I was told by the instructor I had pretty good technique (probably thanks to all those years I did Body Combat at the gym). We did a mixture of buddy work and then moved on to punching the bags, which was super fun.

If you’re serious about giving this workout a go, my one recommendation would be to bring your own boxing gloves and pads. Your hands get pretty sweaty—at one point one of my pads flew off because my hands were so slippery. Thankfully no-one was injured!

Was this the hardest workout of my life? Yes, it definitely was! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Despite being really hard, it was so much fun, confidence building and the endorphin release is insane.

Looking for more fun fitness ideas? Look no further!

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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