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Hot Dub Wine Machine Is Almost Here!

By Anna Franklyn
24th Mar 2017

hot dub wine machine

In case you missed the memo, Hot Dub Wine Machine—the magical combination of wine and a time travelling dance party—is coming to the Swan Valley on April 8! If you're in the know, you'll be well aware that it sold out AGES ago and all of you peeps who thought you could wait until the last minute to get your tickets have missed out and will have to spend the day at home licking your wounds. Or will you?!

Just to keep us all on our toes, the team has decided to release a final round of tickets for those poor souls who missed out, so if you were one of them listen up!

500 extra tickets will be released at 10am on Monday 27 March, so this is your absolute last chance to get yourself to this amazing event!

So bookmark this page, set your reminder for 9:55am on Monday morning and get your credit cards at the ready—here is the link you need to get those tickets!

And if you want the full run down on the event, click here!

Image credit: Pat Stevenson

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