8 Of The Best Spots Perth Fitness Junkies Need To Know About

By Chloe Sputore
3rd Sep 2018

8 Of The Best Spots Perth Fitness Junkies Need To Know About

Gym junkies, it’s time to put down the kettlebells and pause your squats track because we’re about to shake up your fitness routine.

We’ve scoured high and low to find Perth’s very best, totally not boring fitness studios that’ll have your biceps bursting in no time.

But what’s a workout without some killer threads and kicks? That’s where the legends at Hyperluxe Activewear come in. They stock all of the coolest fitness gear from brands like Varley, LNDR, PE Nation, Puma and many more.

Check out their brand new digs in Applecross and grab yourself some new wears before heading to one of these classes to get your sweat on. Your glutes can thank us later!

#1 Heartbeat High

Workouts don’t feel like work at Heartbeat High, thanks to their killer tunes, neon lighting and all of the pink accents. They offer up super fun classes like the old school 90s dance inspired Bump n’ Grind and the slower paced TLC Roll + Release designed to ease your knots and niggles. If you’ve only got 30, their Sweat In The City class is just the ticket to get your heart pumping.

What to wear?

Pink, obviously. We’d be quite happy in these Varley tights and crop in chalk pink. Oh and this Retro Puma jacket to keep your tummy warm before and after class.

#2 LA Fit

LA Fit runs one of the most effective workouts (ever) out of their Subiaco and Highgate studios. It’s called the Lagree method and it promises to burn up to 800 calories. Combining strength, endurance, cardio, balance, flexibility and core training into one 45-minute class, if it’s good enough for Meghan Markle, it’s certainly good enough for us. LA Fit also offers Ride—a 45-minute cycle class choreographed to inspiring tunes.

What to wear?

LA Fit’s Megaformer classes are serious, so you need some activewear that’ll go the distance. We love PE Nation’s The Bounce Shot leggings and Throw In The Towel tank.

#3 Adrenaline Vault

If your workouts have turned into an absolute bore and you’re seeing minimal gains you need to visit Adrenaline Vault in Belmont ASAP. The largest facility of its kind in Perth, bouldering is basically rock climbing without the hassle of ropes and harnesses. Adrenaline Vault features overhangs, top outs and double arches, and the different coloured boulders signify the level of difficulty from beginner right through to advanced.

What to wear?

You won’t want to contend with chalk marks on black leggings, so opt for something lighter like the Varley Oak stirrup tights and matching sports bra in rattlesnake.

#4 AirYoga

Yoga mats, move aside, it’s time to hang out at AirYoga in Leederville. If you’ve never taken an aerial yoga class it’s recommended you start with a beginners’ class, just until you’ve nailed the basics. Feeling adventurous? Give an AirSupremacy or headstand class a go.

What to wear?

You definitely want to wear something tighter fitting to an AirYoga class, so as to not flash your privates to anyone. The LNDR Hustle sports bra and Flux leggings will provide all the coverage you need as you hang from the rafters.


#5 Bike Bar

ICYMI Perth now has its very own Soul Cycle clone and we’re in lust. Bike Bar runs spin classes with extra flair, so expect a little bit of choreography to get your whole body moving along to the music. And don’t for one second let your biceps think they get to slack off, there are plenty of arm tracks thrown in to keep your upper bod in shape. The 1kg dumbbells might feel light as a feather when you pick them up, but it’s a whole other story once you get to the end of the track.

What to wear?

Something to sweat in, like The Upside’s leopard run shorts and Issy tank.

#6 Movement Co

Want to be stronger, faster, fitter and more flexible? Movement Co is the place for you. Specialising in bodyweight, strength and mobility training, the classes at Movement Co are pretty varied, but all will leave you feeling fit and fabulous. We recommend calisthenics, handstands, parkour and PK Fit for something a little different.

What to wear?

These Lilybod piper leggings would suit calisthenics perfectly, and you can’t go wrong with Alo Yoga’s rib support tank, in smoky quartz of course!

#7 BOUNCE Inc.

The Bounce warehouse is like something you probably saw in your dreams as a seven-year-old. It's decked out like a giant trampoline theme park. Whether you’re looking to let loose or unleash some serious parkour skills on the joint, both ends of the spectrum are catered for – and everything in between. The Free Bounce section is where you can bounce to your heart’s desire. There’s also the Big Bag, basically a mega whoopee cushion which doesn’t deflate on impact. For those of you partial to a little harmless competition, we’ll see you at the Dodgeball Arena for a (friendly) game of dodge.

What to wear?

You’ll need some good support from all that bouncing so give The Upside’s bra a try. Pair it with their compression yoga pants and this cosy red crew to keep you warm in transit.

#8 Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy in Osborne Park is a premier mixed movement and obstacle training gym that has the most intense and hectic Ninja Warrior style course in Oz. The Perth gym also has various workshops in acroyoga, handstands and functional movement training. It’s a whole lot of fun!

What to wear?

Spiritual Gangster’s warrior muscle tank, obvs. Along with PE Nation’s crossbar leggings and some cool kicks.

Image credit: Louise Coghill

Editor's Note: This article was produced in partnership with Hyperluxe Activewear. To find out more about who we work with (and why!), read our editorial policy here

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