Australia Just Got Its First Skate Park Inside A Shopping Centre And It’s In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
4th Oct 2017

We know, we’ve been raving about the new Whitford City a lot lately, but we just can’t stop because they are doing some seriously cool stuff. Apart from all the amazing food, of which there is a lot, it’s also home to the first skate park inside a shopping centre.

It’s part of the Beyond Skate retail store, and there’s an awesome glass wall ride that was designed by the guys at FINESPUN and Skate Sculpture. So next time you’re giving the credit card a good ol’ workout, you can take a break on the other side of the glass wall and watch those skater boys in action.

For those of you who actually know how to skate, this means you can test out a new board before you buy it, and you’re welcome to just hang out there even if you’re not buying anything.

Check it out here.

Image credit: Dion Robeson

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