Kazoomies | The Verdict

By Tessa Gallagher
5th Apr 2016

What happens when passionate local chef Nimrod Kazoom opens a Freo cafe serving food inspired by North Africa, Spain, his family and a whole lotta imagination? Delicious things, that's what.

Breathing some much-needed life into Freo’s E-Shed markets, you won’t see smashed avo or granola on the menu at newish crowd-funded restaurant, Kazoomies.

What you will find is a breakfast menu teaming with surprising and delicious flavour combinations.

There also isn’t a hanging light, subway tile or mason jar in sight at Kazoomies. Instead, the vibe is rustic and homely with almost everything in the restaurant—from the decor to the kitchen gear—upcycled, sourced from second-hand shops or the side of the road.

All of it gives this humble Freo cafe a relaxed and eclectic marketplace vibe.

Surveying the menu, it’s clear that all of the plentiful dishes are made with love—the signature Kazoomies motto.

Rocking up for breakfast on a recent Sunday with a grumbling belly, the only thought process my brain could compute was “need. food. now.”

I had heard good things about Zaldeesh’s Lamb Red Shakshuka—poached eggs in a slow cooked tomato sauce with cinnamon kadaif lamb—and the dish definitely lived up to the hype. With the accompanying hearty serving of flatbread, I mopped up everything with a huge grin on my face. Just like the rest of Nimrod’s food, it was richly spiced, perfectly balanced and salivatingly good.

The Eydor’s Aussraeli breakfast—with falafels, spinach and Jerusalem hummus—was also a winner, the falafel some of the best I’ve had in Perth.

The rest of the brekky menu looked insanely delish and the Pastilla Pumpkin and Fal-waffle are firmly on my must-eat list next time I’m in the hood.

Passionate about sustainable dining, the team at Kazoomies have a no-plates policy as a creative way of saving energy with all the meals coming from the kitchen on chopping boards, or in the very pan they were cooked in. Nimrod sources all of his produce locally (Freo locals will often see him tearing around the streets on his bike), and he is also a passionate supporter of OzHarvest, a non-profit that picks up all the leftovers on Monday, and delivers it to hungry people in need.

Also open for lunch and dinner (try the falafel 8 ballers!), grab your mates, a bottle of wine (it’s BYO) and settle in for a feel-good meal with a difference.

Want to know the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find Kazoomies in the Directory!

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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