KTX Fitness Is Coming To Perth And Working Out Never Sounded So Fun

By Karen Hardinge
24th Jul 2018

KTX Fitness Perth

Turn off Netflix and put on your finest activewear because working out just got 150% more fun thanks to RIDE with KTX—which is happening in Perth this August. 

That’s right,  LA Fit has teamed up with The Court and celebrity fitness instructor Keith Thompson of KTX Fitness on his debut trip down under, and trust us when we say you do not want to miss this.

No idea who Keith Thompson is? Well, he's kind of a big deal in the fitness world. Just ask the 2 million (and counting) people who have watched his YouTube vids. Basically, he makes working out feel more like a rocking night out, and if you don't believe us, just go and watch this video and try telling us you don't want to go along for a spin sesh. 

Designed for peeps who don’t love the gym (so, all of us?), the classes are high energy and feature banging hip hop tunes (think Cookie Loco on a Saturday night meets Tour de France). Interested? Our mate Keith will be at LAFit Highgate and Subiaco from 3—12 August, and at The Court on Sunday 5 August. 

30 riders will be pushing the pedal to the metal (literally) burning some serious calories while busting a move to awesome tunes with Keith leading the way. Throw in an LED light show, state of the art sound systems and DJ Leaske bringing the beats and this will surely be a workout you will not forget. 

The Details

Where: LA Fit Highgate and Subiaco, The Court Hotel 
When: 3—12 August
Click here for bookings and more info

If riding is not your jam here are some more fun ways to work out in Perth.

Image credit: Supplied

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