21 Movies To Literally ‘Netflix and Chill’ To This V-Day

By Siobhan Taylor
11th Feb 2017

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether you plan on spending it with your significant other, alone, or with some pals, a good movie is the perfect start to the evening. Now I don't know what gets your motor running so I've included a whole array of movies for you to pick from, including sentimental stories of failed love, bloody slasher films, supernatural STD's, and rom-coms that are actually good.

Here are 21 movies to literally Netflix and chill to this V-Day. Who says romance is dead?

Movies You Can Cry To

Before Sunrise 

This movie is bittersweet, passionate, and about seizing the moment in front of you, just like two strangers on a train to Vienna did. If you're really keen, you should watch the whole trilogy.

The Notebook 

Chances are you've already seen this one, but if you want to woo your date with romance, it's well worth watching again. A story of two lovers separated by class, the outbreak of war, and fighting the odds against them – what’s not to love? 

Shakespeare in Love 

A story of a writer and his muse, with a tragically romantic end. It seems kitschy, but the story is surprisingly well written and straightforward enough that if you miss a couple of scenes in the middle, you’ll be fine.

P.S I Love You 

This might not be the best flick to watch on a date, but if you need a good cry and a little bit of helping moving on, then turn to the ultimate love-lost story with Hilary Swank and dreamboat Gerard Butler.


This movie will mess you up. The music is beautiful, the story is brilliantly written, and the chemistry between Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová is palpable.


This movie is confronting and heartbreaking, and tells the incredibly heartbreaking story of an elderly man who cares for his ill wife. This isn't a story you can "chill" to. Just watch it in the dark alone and cry into your popcorn and wonder if you'll ever find love like this.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour 

This movie is gorgeously intimate and vivid in the way it examines young love. If you want an epic romance and don’t shy away from explicit sex scenes, pick this.

Movies To Make You Laugh

Friends with Benefits 

Planning to just keep your fling casual and flirty? Friends With Benefits will give them the hint. But make sure you start making out during the first half of the movie—the second act betrays you.

10 Things I Hate About You 

10 Things is easily one of the best teen-romances of all time, thanks largely to the stellar cast, awesome soundtrack, and memorable quotes. It’s an easy to watch movie that everyone enjoys, but with any luck, there will be more than one happy ending…

They Came Together

We’ve all heard laughter is the best medicine, but did you also know it’s the best aphrodisiac? And lucky for us, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd are a match made in satirical rom-com heaven.

The Wedding Singer 

Usually I would warn you against making your date sit through an Adam Sandler movie, but this is an exception. It’s kitschy, hilarious, has a stellar cast, and might make your date realise their perfect partner has been in front of them the whole time *cough* you. Or, if you’re watching it alone, the song Somebody Kill Me will surely resonate with you.

Napoleon Dynamite 

What makes this a great date-night movie is that it’s so surreally bizarre and quirky in the way it examines different types of relationships. It’s weird, it’s charming, and it’s a guaranteed datenight success.


This one is on the list purely because of the kiss in the last scene. Ah-mazing. It’s also pretty funny and has a good message, and if you can get part the ex-step-brother weirdness, it’s a great movie for Valentine’s Day.


Silence of the Lambs 

There is nothing chill about this movie. If you can watch a movie about serial killers and cannibals and still feel frisky, that’s totally fine, but please don’t peel the skin off your date and make a dress. That’s just weird.

Pulp Fiction 

This cult classic isn’t really a romantic flick, but you’ve probably seen it a million times anyway so if you happen to miss a few scenes because you’re preoccupied, it’s no big deal.

It Follows 

This supernatural psychological horror movie centres on a girl who is followed by a supernatural entity after she has sex. It’s basically a metaphor for STD’s, so make sure you watch it after having that particular conversation…

Final Destination 

For those of us that really bloody hate Valentine’s Day and need some slasher goodness to get through it.

Not-Your-Typical Love Story

Moonrise Kingdom 

This is easily one of the most endearing and sweet love stories, and it’s only under Wes Anderson’s tenderness as a director and writer that this story works so well. It’s sincere, heartbreaking, and glorious in the way it examines two (very) young lovers exploring their world with all the foolishness and naiveté you’d expect.


Blade Runner made artificial intelligence seem like a sci-fi trope of the far future, but Her brings it a little closer to home and looks at what happens when a lonely guy falls in love with his OS. It’s a beautiful movie with some intriguing themes, and an easy-to-watch romantic film for your date night. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

I don’t trust people that don’t adore this flick. This movie can be enjoyed whether it’s your first date, your 101st date, or even if you’re alone. When a relationship goes from the good days to the bad and then ends altogether, would you give up all your memories for the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind?

Paris, Je T’aime 

This movie, made of 18-short films, explores love and life in the most romantic city in the world. It’s a love story inspired by and made for the people of The City of Lights. Of all the movies on this list, this one is probably my favourite in the way it explores all the different ways we can experience love and relationships.

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