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By Anna Franklyn
6th Jul 2016

It turns out we have been doing brunch in Perth all wrong, guys. And what’s the right way to do brunch you ask? With live jazz of course. Luckily for us, it seems like a few places have cottoned on to this fact and it’s becoming a bit of a trend. So the only real question is why didn’t this happen sooner?

Here are four spots which have jumped on the brunch and live jazz band wagon!

Satchmo Cafe

North Perth

Satchmo Cafe dishes up New York Jewish soul food and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were actually in New York while you sit outside, eat a bagel, drink a coffee and listen to the jazz band. The combination of food, atmosphere and amazingly friendly service here easily makes Satchmo one of our fave places for brunch in Perth. The crew here also open their doors from Friday through Sunday night so you can have a drink with your jazz if that’s more your style.

Koffie Winkel


Dutch brunch and live jazz sounds just about as good as New York brunch and jazz doesn’t it? Northbridge cafe Koffie Winkel serve up amazing appleflaps—that’s a delicious dutch pastry FYI—and they take their bacon very seriously, serving up two different kinds. They’ve got a live jazz band from 10:30 every Sunday morning so you can listen to some tunes while you eat your delicious bacon.

Moore & Moore


One of favourite spots for breakfast in Fremantle, Moore & Moore cafe have been host to Perth jazz gents, The Limelights, every Wednesday and Thursday morning for a while now. Moore & Moore have also just launched a brand spankin’ new menu so if you needed an excuse to head down, this is it.  

Clancy’s Cafe

City Beach

If you can’t make it to Fremantle during the week, the Limelights head to Clancy’s Cafe in City Beach every Sunday from 9am. Clancy’s is super laid back and the combo of live music and the beach make it the perfect Sunday brunch spot.

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Image credit: Koffie Winkel

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