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Our Favourite Perth Bars For Christmas Catch Ups

By Emma Pegrum
8th Dec 2017

While it’s not really okay how fast this year has gone, we can’t lie that we’re somehow relieved it’s almost over—and with all the best bits yet to come! 2017 has been an interesting one, and there’s sure to be some borderline intolerable socio-political debates happening between extended family members this Christmas.

Luckily, there are a plethora of bars with their doors wide open throughout the Christmas season to get you through and make your silly season that much sillier.

Prince Lane


We know that Perth summers are hot, but somehow every Christmas in Perth gifts us with temperatures reaching boiling point. Well, not to worry. Prince Lane, the newly fitted out rooftop bar nestled on Murray street, has got you covered with $10 Cocktail Wednesdays and—wait for it—flippin’ Frose Fridays, ALL. DAY. Plus, rosé is pink, which is almost red, which makes it Christmas-y!

Henry Summer


Henry Summer just opened its doors and it's absolutely beautiful with loads of greenery making it the perfect summer hangout! They also do kombucha cocktails, so you can keep healthy and get silly all at the same time.



The team at Benny's has started making their own Aperol sorbet to go in their Aperol spritzes, so it's an obvious choice for a Christmas drink really. Start with a spritz and then move onto the espresso martinis, because December is for hangovers.

The Standard


When the warm weather hits there's really nowhere we love to be more than the courtyard at The Standard. Order a spritz a two, try and nab yourself a table and settle in for the night!

Heno & Rey


Perth, we’ve done it. We have finally become cosmo enough that food and beverage establishment s are staying open on Christmas Day. But even if you've got plans on Christmas day, you'll want to pop into Heno & Rey in the lead up for some Spanish goodness... read: Sangria.

The Ice Cream Factory


Perth absolutely froths on a pop-up, and this one is an absolute powerhouse. They’ve already set in stone a seriously killer line-up of events for summer, complete with a Christmas Eve party that is already topping our list of ‘places to be’ while Santa does his rounds. The place is going to be packed with delicious eats from Coconut Meat Foodtruck, Flipside and Denada Ice Cream Co., plus you’ll be able to legit order UBER Eats to the venue. Plus there’ll be a tonne of drinks on offer: they’ve teamed up with favs El Grotto, Mechanics and Dominion League, to deliver an actual liquid smorgasbord. Oh, and there’s a bowling alley serving up espresso martinis. Merry Christmas.

The Dock


Popping up in another severely under-utilised location, the iconic Freo B-Shed, The Dock is going to be our go-to place for winding down those busy end-of-year work days with good friends, good drinks and a fresh breeze. Let the smell of the ocean Christmas wash over you as you enjoy live music and DJ’s to get you into the spirit of the season.



There’s something about the Perth Cultural Centre at Christmas time, and now you can soak it all in at a brand new culinary spot paying homage to rustic Italian favourites, including all things charcuterie and home-made bread. Frank is perfect for quick catch-ups, casually drawn-out dinners or post-show face-stuffing, this is your go-to if you want your Christmas with a side of culture and arts. 

Nowhereman Brewing

West Leederville

Anywhere that begins their tagline with the word ‘rambunctious’ is definitely a place you want to spend your time at Christmas. Nowhereman Brewing is Perth’s newest urban brewery and they are not skimping on the goodness. Stick to the tasting menu or go for something they consider ‘too crazy’ for that menu like the ‘By The Pound’ which is loaded with coffee beans. Also, the food is made using small batch, ethical produce meaning your Christmas diet can be, for once, guilt free (forget the calories).

Market Grounds


If you're worried about everywhere being busy this silly season, head to Market Grounds. It has an 800 person capacity so you're sure to find somewhere to sit and enjoy a drink or three while catching up on a year's worth of gossip with your old school friends.

The Old Laundry

North Perth

If you haven’t been to an Old Laundry quiz night by now, their Christmas quiz is definitely the place to start! Happening on December 11 and 18, you don’t really have an excuse to miss it. With plenty of space for whole squad catch ups, put yourself in with a chance by joining forces with your mates to test your Christmas knowledge. There are prizes for best dressed, mistletoe for those on the hunt for a smooch, and lots of drinks on offer, including their infamous cocktail jugs which, let’s be honest, will be well and truly needed come December.



Does a deal a day sound like something your budget can allow this Christmas? If so, head here. Caballitos is offering up daily happy hours, as well as Margarita Mondays featuring frozen margaritas all night, and $5 Taco Tuesdays just to name a couple. Anyone else welcoming the silly season so they can justify mid-week splurges? 

Want more? Here are all the Perth bars you should have been to.

Benny's | Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

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