Perth Brekkies You Can Eat On The Run

By Anna Franklyn
1st Jun 2016

Perth Breakfasts On The Go

You all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day (old news!!) but you’re busy creatures, trying to fit in a heap of social activities around work, exercise and all those other responsibilities #adultingsucks.

So sometimes there’s just no time to make breakfast after you hit that snooze button six times. But, as luck would have it, you can snooze AND have a decent breakfast thanks to these Perth cafes.

Here are 9 Perth brekkies you can eat on the run so you can sleep in, guilt-free.

Spring Espresso


I reckon Spring Espresso might just do some of the best bircher-to-go in Perth. So much so that sometimes I ‘forget’ to do grocery shopping so that I ‘have’ to go and get it. Buying brekky four times a week might not be the wisest use of your hard-earned dollies but it sure is the tastiest.



Eillo’s coffee is the bomb so what a treat it was to find out they’ve added yogurt bowls to go to their menu #onestopshop. Grab their natural yogurt bowl with burnt fig toasted muesli, almonds and your choice of raspberry or mango coulis for a wholesome brekky on the run.


West Leederville

Hylin have the New York thing down pat so no surprises that they do a ridic brekky bagel that is perfect to grab and go.

Holly Rayes


Holly Rayes have brought in the big guns for winter with their warming chai spiced porridge with poached pears, dates and local Ashfield honey. They also do their acai smoothie bowls and their homemade granola to go so you’ve got plenty of options!

High Street Dispensary


Freo's newest hotspot, High Street Dispensary, is dishing up plenty of on-the-run breakfasts for the health freaks among us. They make their own granola and coconut yoghurt in house and the entire menu is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free so nothing is off limits! If you're feeling brave, try the mushroom mocha. Yup, there are mushrooms in this, for reals, but also cacao, rapadura sugar and coconut milk to sweeten things up a bit and we hear it's pretty delish.

Chu Bakery


In the mood for toast? Head to Chu and pick up the prosciutto, blue cheese and pear combo or the avo and whipped feta if that’s more your thang. And, while maybe these don’t count as breakfast, the almond croissants and matcha puffs are amazing and you should get one of each. There, I said it.​

Dunn And Walton


Good things come in fives, and that’s why the five spice, five grain porridge at Dunn and Walton is so dang good. Made with their own almond and coconut milk and topped with grilled pear, blueberries, coconut cream, maple and candied pecans, this is a treat whether you’re vegan or not! They also have Bread in Common fruit toast and delish pink pitaya bowls if you're not in the mood for porridge!



One muffin, not enuffin! To be fair, one muffin from Daisies is probably plenty because these babies are huge, but they’re so tasty you’ll want another. These guys also do bircher, yogurt cups, chia puds, porridge and bagels and I can promise you right now you’re going to want to grab your lunch to go as well because everything in that fridge looks so frikkin good!

Livingstone’s Urban Jungle


Livingstone’s are the masters of on-the-go everything, just check out their cabinet full of #allofthetreats. Their chia pudding and the vegan bircher muesli cups are where it’s at if you want a wholesome breakfast on the run, and their bagels are also delish!

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