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Put The Chocolate Down, You Can Now Get The Best Cake Of Your Life Delivered Straight To Your Door

By Anna Franklyn
1st Apr 2020

Honeycake Delivered

We can all agree that lockdown isn't the most fun, but there have been a few silver linings and the fact that Perth's famous Honeycake will deliver straight to your door is certainly one of those.

Those of you who have tasted the iconic Honeycake have probably stopped reading and clicked straight through to the online store, but if you need some convincing, we're more than happy to wax lyrical about the goodness that is Honeycake.

The cake is actually a Czech delicacy that has made its way to some surrounding countries but is still relatively unknown in Australia. After tasting a few versions around the globe, we feel pretty confident saying that Perth's Honeycake is the best take on it that you'll ever come across. Period.

Think rich caramel creme slathered between layers of honey sponge-like dough, all finished with walnuts and honey flavoured crumbs. But that's just the beginning.

They've also got a pandan flavoured honeycake, a gluten-free honeycake, and the mother of all lockdown indulgences; the honeycake cheesecake.

The team is delivering directly to Perth doors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they can also deliver the premium honeycake (both the original and halal versions) Australia wide via free express-post. You know what to do.

If that's not enough, we've found plenty more Australia-wide delivery services so you can stock up on coffee, cheese, wine and more.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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