Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea In Perth

By Chloe Sputore
25th Jul 2019

Perth's Best Bubble Tea

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea became popular in the 80s and typically features tea, sometimes milk, and those delightfully chewy tapioca balls that are equally fun to chew as they are to shoot through a straw at unsuspecting victims.

The popularity of bubble tea in Perth is at sky-high levels, as shop after shop have popped up offering different takes on the refreshing drink from cheese toppings to obscure flavours. All we know is we’re here for it all.

Here are the best places to find bubble tea in Perth.


Various Locations

Utopia has had the Perth bubble tea market cornered since 2001 and now there are almost 20 locations all over town. If you’ve been before you’ll have fond memories of the ordering system which allows you to customise your tea with toppings, sweetness levels and the amount of ice. They do straight tea (theirs is brewed fresh), milk tea, fruit tea, fruit milk tea, cheese lattes and, everyone’s favourite summer cooler, snow tea. We highly recommend the earl grey milk tea.



We’re all for the fun of a bubble tea chain, but when you want to class things up a little, head to Tiisch in the CBD. Their boba milk tea comes in three varieties—jasmine, matcha and chai—and is filled with just enough tapioca pearls.

Honey Crème

Perth And Carousel

Honey Crème might be known for its delightful soft serve, but they’ve also won hearts all over Perth with their bubble tea. You won’t be able to resist their bobo brulee, bobo Oreo or bobo brown sugar, so don’t even try.

Tea More


Head to Tea More for your more unique bubble tea flavours. There’s green tea and Yakult, dirty cake with fresh milk and fresh kiwi and tea, as well as the more standard options like oolong, rose and peach tea. Toppings include black, golden and crunchy pearls, red bean, and rainbow and lychee jellies, and they keep things fresh with seasonal flavours too.

Upperhand Burgers And Boba Tea


Burgers and boba tea might just be our new favourite combo and you can find this at Upperhand in Swanbourne. They’ve got fruity and milky flavours and all of your regular toppings to boot. Our pick? Coconut milky tea with coconut jelly.


Cannington And Northbridge

Cheese tea specialists (essentially a cheesecake in drink form), King-T’s brown sugar latte will not disappoint. The bubbly pearls are soaked in brown sugar and milk allowing them to get nice and plump and extra delicious.  



If you can tear yourself away from the bubble tea ice cream (topped with sago), you might want to give the dirty matcha milk tea at Hanabing a go. Don’t forget to add the boba!

Rice Baby


Now we’re torn, maybe dumplings and bubble tea is the best combo? Either way, Rice Baby’s boba is delightful. They’ve got passionfruit, peach and lychee, and they’re all refreshing to the max.


Various Locations

You’ll find Presotea all over the world, and for good reason, because their bubble tea is top-notch. They brew their tea using extra hot water and high pressure for the perfect bitter flavour. Their crunchy ice range is excellent for summer, and they’ve got interesting options like apple jelly milk tea, charcoal roasted milk tea and matcha cocoa.



Serving bubble tea as sweet as their interiors, Nobibi burst onto the Northbridge scene in 2018 in a flurry of fairy floss and candy pink hues. Their brown sugar latte is all the rage, complete with warm tapioca pearls, ice-cold milk and a creme brulee and Oreo crumb topping.



Combine bubble tea with coffee and you get TeaMacchiato in Perth. They’ve also got your regular bubble tea, as well as cheese tea, but we’re easily distracted when coffee is involved. TeaMacchiato also serves Obao, a low sugar, high fibre bread that’s uber soft on the inside and crusty on the outside.

Taro Taro

Victoria Park

Vic Park’s Taro Taro is also shaking up bubble tea with a coffee hit, this time thanks to coffee jelly. Order the milk float mocha with coffee jelly and a scoop of ice cream and you’ll be buzzing all day. They also do blends with Yakult, taro (as the name suggests) and popping lychee pearls.

Lucky Chan’s


Lucky Chan’s is where you’ll find boozy bubble tea concoctions. The granny chan, made with Suntory Roku Gin, lemongrass, green apple and yuzu soda, will certainly satisfy.


Perth and Fremantle

If you think bubble tea is more about sugar than tea, a visit to Chaffic will prove the contrary. They source only the best tea leaves from ancient Fujian traders to produce a healthier bubble tea that stays true to Chinese tea traditions. Of course, they're also doing fun, colourful flavours like lychee bomb, taro latte and strawberry Yakult, but they're sure to use fresh, local produce wherever possible. For something different, give one of their yoghurt flavours a whirl, made with thick and creamy yoghurt fresh from Aussie farms. 

Keen to see what cheese tea is all about? Here’s where to try it for yourself.

Image credit: Tea More

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