Perth’s Best Kimchi Dishes

By Chloe Sputore
5th Aug 2016

Fermented cabbage…bet you didn’t think that would ever take off. Well, we hate to break it to you, but you couldn’t have been more wrong. Kimchi has arrived in Perth and it’s here to stay!

The perfect blend of spice and tang, not only is kimchi good for you (it’s packed with fibre, vitamin C and carotene), it’s a delicious addition to many different dishes.

Whether you’re a tried and true kimchi fan, or a newbie to this Korean delight, here’s Perth’s best kimchi dishes to get your mouth around.

Flo Espresso


Hands down my most favourite toastie in the whole wide world, Flo Espresso’s kimchi cheese toastie is the bomb diggity. Melty cheese and tangy kimchi served between two slices of buttery Mary Street bakery bread. YES!



I had a serious mouth orgasm when I recently tried Sayers’ braised pork belly with kimchi, Asian papaya and cucumber salad with chilli tomato jam. It’s definitely one of those “I’ll have what she’s having” dishes.

Pepper Lunch

Mount Lawley

Kings of the DIY meal trend, the kimchi beef pepper rice from Pepper Lunch is a must try for kimchi lovers in Perth—loads of kimchi, beef, Pepper Lunch’s unique margarine, corn and tons of roasted black pepper.

Authentic Bites Dumpling House


Kimchi fans will love the pan-fried kimchi dumplings at Authentic Bites Dumpling House. They’re pretty much a giant pancake of kimchi dumplings, what’s not to love?



Trust those Asian fusion legends at tbsp. in Bayswater to whip up a delish kimchi dish. Their Kimcheeseburger is a total winner—house-ground beef chuck, caramelised kimchi relish, aioli, brioche bun and shoestring chips.



Korea and Japan have united at Zensaki in Perth where you can get your mouth around their kimchi pork ramen—kimchi, tender sliced pork, fishcake, seaweed and spring onion. Oh yes.

Restaurant Gangnam


What do you get if you combine three of the greatest Korean exports—bibimbap, kimchi and Psy? The delicious kimchi bibimbap from Karawara’s Restaurant Gangnam of course—loaded with tons of rice and veggie goodness and served in a hot stone bowl. 

NeNe Chicken

East Victoria Park

NeNe Chicken’s kimchi burger is a real winner. Korean fried chicken, kimchi, ranch, salad and Korean dressing—you can either double up on the ranch or opt for some extra spice with the “freaking hot” bulgogi sauce.


City Beach

Put on Gangnam Style and take a drive out to Odyssea at City Beach to try their delish Korean spiced BBQ Linley Valley pork belly, served with cucumber, kimchi and blood plums. It’s kimchi-licious!

The Cabin

Mount Hawthorn

The Cabin are onto a good thing with kimchi with their smoked pork jowl served with cucumber kimchi, granny smith apple, puffed wild rice and lime zest. Bet you want to get that in your jowls stat!

Palsaik Namoo


Kimchi pancakes are a thing and they are delicious. Kimchi fiends, get your hands on the kimchi pajeon from Palsaik Namoo, stat!

Typika Artisan Roasters


Everything at Typika is delicious, especially the wagyu beef burger. Served in a brioche bun, this tasty, melt-in-your-mouth burger is stuffed with caramelised onion, chilli mayo, Egmont cheddar, and you guessed it, kimchi.

Looking for more Korean goodness in Perth? Search The Directory!

Sayers | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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