Who’s Making Perth’s Best Milkshakes?

By Kirsty Petrides
20th Feb 2016

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Run Amuk Hot Dogs | Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

What happened to the good old fashioned milkshake? Ever since ‘freakshakes’ became a thing—you know, those extravagant-looking shakes that flood your Instagram feed because they’re served in mason jars, with colour-coordinated toppings, garnished with stuff like doughnuts and fairy-floss—the humble old-school milkshake has taken a back seat. Cast aside, like Leonardo Dicaprio at the Oscars.

So where would one go if they just wanted a good traditional milkshake? Can you even get them anymore? Are milkshakes that don’t take three hours to prepare and aren’t stacked with pancakes and bacon still around?

The answer is yes! Let’s get back to basics, people. Let’s get around the humble, old-fashioned milkshake.

Here’s where to go when you want to bring all the boys to your yard, old-school style.

Run Amuk Hot Dogs

South Fremantle

Hot dogs and milkshakes. You can’t get much more retro than that. Get down to Run Amuk for one of their gourmet dogs (and they are absolutely gourmet, just quietly) and pair it with one of their equally delicious old-fashioned shakes. Whack some Elvis on, pretend you’re on your way to the drive-in and enjoy.



Walking in to Sherbert is like walking in to your ultimate happy place. Laminex tables, tin signs, pastel colours and rows and rows of cupcakes and other sugary treats. So it’s quite fitting that they would also offer up sweet old school milkshakes. Grab one of their gourmet cupcakes—which are the best in Perth, that is a fact—and wash it down with a delicious traditional shake.

Missy Moos

South Fremantle & Mount Hawthorn

It’s been scientifically proven that Missy Moos' burgers can increase happiness by at least 40%. Not really, that’s a lie, but they are pretty damn good. This gourmet burger joint will knock your socks off with their original and creative burgers, and what better way to enjoy them than with one of their delicious old school shakes? Traditional flavours only, like vanilla malt, caramel and banana. Yes please.

Rise & Grind Espresso


These guys mean business when it comes to milkshakes. Don’t expect some artificial flavour syrup and plain old Home Brand vanilla ice cream in your shakes. Oh no. If you order a strawberry shake at Rise & Grind, you’re getting real strawberries in there. You’re getting vanilla bean ice cream in there. You’re getting the best of the best cream they could find. Rise & Grind, you are truly honouring the classic milkshake. We salute you.

Vans Cafe


This popular little spot is renowned for dishing out good food and coffee, but did you also know they also offer traditional milkshakes? Vans serves up the golden oldies like caramel, spearmint and chocolate flavoured shakes. So if you own roller skates, get down there, grab an old-school shake, then skate down to the beach, spearmint shake in hand. Oh so, so retro. 

Max + Sons

Perth CBD

If you feel like treating yo’self, then Max + Sons is the place to do it. They offer up some seriously decadent doughnuts from the clever people at TopDup, with flavours including raspberry white chocolate, peanut butter & jelly and cookies & cream. Pair that with an old-school milkshake and you’ve got yourself a perfect combo. Go on, you deserve a treat every once in a while.

The Little Banksia


This place is tucked away in Kensington, but once you find it, you’ll be happy you did. Why? Because it’s damn awesome. They serve up some amazing breakfasts (go and get the fritters!) but they also do one of the best good old fashioned milkshakes in Perth. The chocolate one will not disappion

Mary Street Bakery

Mount Lawley

Is there a better way to enjoy your delicious Mary Street Bakery food than with a milkshake? No, no there is not. The guys at this Mount Lawley institution offer up good old fashioned malted milk and choc malt milkshakes that are just as impressive as the baked goods they are famous for. Yum.

Superstar Waffles


This place is heaven for those with a serious sweet tooth. Get your serving of mind-blowingly good waffles and pair it with one of Superstar’s old school milkshakes that honour the traditional flavours like strawberry, peppermint and chocolate. Super, indeed.

Brooklyn Lounge


As well as serving up the slightly more extravagant shakes, Brooklyn Lounge still pays its respects to tradition and offers up old fashioned milkshakes. And for that, we tip our hat to them. Not only do they offer the classics like chocolate, strawberry, caramel and spearmint, they also offer any combination of flavours for those indecisive folks. How accommodating.

Feel like you need a burger to go with those milkshakes? Check out Where To Find Perth's Best Burgers.

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