Perth’s Best Scrambled Eggs

By Kirsty Petrides
1st Mar 2016

Boucla Kafenion | Image credit: Nancy Hanna 

We are all familiar with that heartbreaking feeling when you go out for breakfast and the waiter brings you your poached eggs, you gently prod them, eagerly awaiting the golden gooey yolk to slowly ooze out and drench your toast in tasty goodness... only to find that, they are actually not poached eggs at all. They are hard. They are a failed attempt at poached eggs. That is no way to start your morning. 

But because you’re so darn polite (probably because your mother did a stellar job at raising you—thanks mum!) you don’t send them back. So you just go right ahead and start eating your hard-poached eggs, whilst trying to not show the waiter that you're crying. 

Want to know how to avoid this? Well, don’t ever go back to that cafe again. 

Or, you could order scrambled eggs instead! Scrambled eggs get a bad rap sometimes because they’re not as ‘healthy’ as the poached variety, but really, you’re hitting all the food groups with scrambled. Eggs = protein. Milk and cheese = dairy. Chives = greens. You can’t argue with science. Plus, it’s harder to mess up scrambled eggs.

Here's where you should go for Perth’s best scrambled eggs. 

The Cool Room


If you love cheese—so if you have tastebuds and a soul—you’re going to love this. The Cool Room have a scrambled eggs dish called quattro formaggio (that’s Italian for four cheeses, guys. Yes, this writer is very wordly and cultured.) What that means for you is this: scrambled eggs with melted gorgonzola, brie, soft goats cheese and parmesan. Yes. Try to remain calm. 

Boucla Kafenion


If you’re keen to start your day the Greek way (let’s face it, who isn’t?) head to Boucla in Subiaco. They do scrambled eggs with a Mediterranean twist, cooking them up with spinach and feta. Nai parakalo!

Cantina 663

Mount Lawley

If you haven’t had Cantina’s scrambled eggs, there is a void in your life that must be filled immediately. We’re not sure what they put in them to make them so delicious. Extra cream? Special herbs? Magic? You don’t even need to know what’s in them; all you need to know is that they will make you supremely happy.

Kinky Swell


This place is fairly tucked away on Brighton Road, and from the outside looks fairly unassuming. But looks can be deceiving, team. Because as soon as you cast your eyes over this menu, you’ll know you’re in for a ride. And when you start seeing other people’s breakfast come out of the kitchen, you might just intercept the waiter on his way to their table so you can demolish it yourself. These guys are making breakfast an event—and their scramble is confit scrambled eggs with leek and goats cheese. Yes please.

Little Way


This fairly new kid on the block is serving up delicious scrambled eggs on sourdough for the very reasonable price of $12. Well-priced food in Nedlands? Well, I never… 

Mister Finch 


Be prepared to make some tough decisions if you’re heading here, because Mister Finch has got more than one scrambled egg option for you. Do you want the scrambled egg burrito with chorizo, capsicum and cheese, all rolled up in a toasty wrap? Or do you want the Moroccan-style scrambled eggs with roast pumpkin, capsicum, feta and onion jam served on sourdough? Or the vegetarian scrambled egg burrito with spinach, capsicum, pumpkin and cheese? Or do you maybe want all three and just plan to skip lunch and dinner that day? Perhaps.



Layup is a rad little cafe that hasn’t been in Northbridge all that long, but boy, do they know what they’re doing. They do the most tasty creamy scrambled eggs on crusty sourdough for a mere $12—result.

Pearth Organic Kitchen

West Leederville

If the 'unhealthy' tag of scrambled eggs is what's putting you off, get to Pearth Organic Kitchen. Their 'Pearthect' scrambled eggs are full of the good stuff—parmesan, avocado, spinach and cherry tomatoes served on crusty sourdough.

Perth City Farm


How good is Mersey Valley cheese? If you haven't tried it, get to your local supermarket pronto and get yourself a block. The people at Perth City Farm know how good it is as well, because they mix it into their scrambled eggs, along with fresh chives. Yummy. 

Little Sisto


Little Sisto is a delightful little Doubleview cafe with so much there to make you happy. Mind-blowing coffee, great tunes and delicious, well-priced scrambled eggs on toast. Enjoy them with your expertly made Five Senses coffee whilst listening enjoying their sensational playlist.

Sayers Sister


These guys have been doing breakfast for so long, they could blow your mind with their eyes closed. If you’re after a classic scramble, look no further than Sayers Sister.

Gordon Street Garage

West Perth

Gordon Street dish up good old fashioned scrambled eggs with streaky bacon and toast. You can't go wrong. 

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