Perth’s Best Vegan Desserts

By Ella Liascos
29th Mar 2017

For those who walk the tricky borderline between health freak and sweet tooth, vegan desserts are a complete game changer. A few years ago it was impossible to find a sweet treat that wouldn't send your sugar levels sky-rocketing, but now Perth is booming with raw, vegan desserts—from doughnuts and brownies to chocolate mousse and cheesecake—and it turns out they're delicious! 

Here are 12 of our fave vegan desserts in Perth that you absolutely can't miss.

Warm Sticky Date Pudding With Raw Ice Cream | The Raw Kitchen


Now that it’s autumn, there are increasingly more reasons to pop into The Raw Kitchen to try their 100% gluten, dairy, refined sugar and guilt free sticky date pudding served with a generous scoop of your favourite vegan ice cream—the prospect of rainy days stuck indoors just got better.  

Lemon Myrtle And Raspberry Raw Cake | Manna Whole Foods


This pink and white raw vegan cheesecake is what vegan dreams are made of. Marbled to perfection on a macadamia and hazelnut base, topped with lime and rose petals—it’s just one of the many reasons we can't resist a visit to Manna.

Cookies And Cream Mylkshakes | Lord Of The Fries


For milkshake loving vegans that have never quite found a substitute, Lord of the Fries do a cookies and cream milkshake that’ll take you back to your dairy-loving days. Hallelujah!

Raw Vegan Snickers Bar | Eat Drink Raw


If you gave up your Snickers bar addiction in favour of good health, you’ll be pleased to know you can get a raw and completely guilt-free one at Eat Drink Raw and it tastes pretty darn close to the real thing. Yes there is indeed a God.

Whole Birthday Cakes | Flora And Fauna


Known for turning all their food into pure art, Flora and Fauna does the most jaw-dropping vegan cakes you’ll ever see. Their vegan lemon curd and vanilla cake is a particularly impressive looking; topped off with a huge crown of native flowers and dried orange, it’s so attractive you'll feel guilty cutting into it! 

Banana Bread | Pearth Organic Kitchen

West Leederville

While banana bread on its own isn’t the most exciting dessert going around, Pearth Organic Kitchen stacks theirs up with layers of berry compote, coconut cream and seasonal fruit to make what might just be the best breakfast idea ever.

Raspberry, White Chocolate And Cashew Mousse Cake | The Little Shop Of Plenty


If you’re feeling sad, head to The Little Shop of Plenty and get happy with their hundreds of guilt-free alternative ways to indulge in some sweet comfort—it's been scientifically proven (by us) that it's impossible to be sad here. Their mousse cake is 100% raw and topped with compote, coconut shavings and ganache.

Caramel Slice | NOOD


NOOD does all sorts of delicious raw, vegan desserts, but we just can't go past the caramel slice. Except when we see the choc cherry brownie in the cabinet. And all those amazing cakes topped with everything from coconut to cauliflower icing. Ok maybe you should just try everything at NOOD. 

Chia And Cacao Mousse | High Street Dispensary


Served in a cup with sour cherries, candied pecans and coconut chips, it’s hard to believe vegan chocolate mousse can taste this good. But yes indeed it does when you get it from High Street Dispensary.

Rainbow Cake | Health Freak Cafe

Various Locations

Remember the rainbow cake craze? Well if you were vegan, you probably never got to embrace it until now, that is—and it’s all thanks to Health Freak Cafe. Their rainbow cake looks just as exciting as the one that’s packed with sugar, eggs and butter—but way healthier and far more delicious.

Baked Doughnuts | The Sugarless Bakery

The Sugarless Bakery

100% dairy, sugar and gluten free, yet somehow incredibly delicious—the brilliant bakers behind The Sugarless Bakery make doughnuts that look exactly the same as a Krispy Kreme, except they’re made of healthy whole foods like nuts, coconut and veggies.

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The Raw Kitchen | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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