Perth’s Craziest Food Mash-Ups

By Anna Franklyn
9th May 2016

Food mash-ups. The stuff dreams (and heart attacks) are made of. So move over cronuts and cruffins, we’ve got some new food mash-ups in town.

Here are a few of Perth’s craziest food mash-ups.

Salted Caramel Ice-Cream Brioche Croissant | Cecchi’s


First of all, brioche croissants (broissants?). This alone is enough to get me excited. Then turn it into a brioche croissant ice cream sandwich—and with my favourite flavour of ice cream no less! This bad boy NEEDS to be on your fat feeds bucket list.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Cheeseburger | Hood Burger

Food Truck

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic combo. Cheeseburgers are also pretty classic. Put them together and you get the not so classic (nor classy) PB&J cheeseburger from those crazy geniuses at Hood Burger.

Brownie Filled Pancake | Aliment

West Leederville

Brownies = good. Pancakes = good. Brownies + Pancakes = freaking epic. Seriously why did no one think of stuffing a brownie inside of a pancake sooner? I mean, apart from the obvious reason of health.

Fried Chicken Pancakes | Mary Street Bakery


If you’re not into sweets don’t despair, you too can get a pancake mash-up! You can treat yourself to peanuts on a fried egg on fried chicken on a pancake. Top that shizz with some chilli and maple and call it a day.

Cronut Burger | Nash & Co


Cronuts are so 2015 ammiright? But a cronut burger, well that is totally 2016 (and I’ve got a funny feeling it will be staying in 2016). Yup that’s right, take a cronut, slice it in half and fill it with a big Thai chicken patty and all the trimmings. They also do a ham and cheese cronut which sounds kinda delicious.

Parmy Dog | Top Dog In Town

Food Truck

Crumbed chicken and cheese sausage. Crispy bacon. Pizza sauce. Nacho cheese. AND parmesan cheese. Then shove all of that in a hot dog bun. This is what heart attacks are made of #worthitthough

Muffles | Muffle & Co


Muffle means to wrap something up to keep it warm. Muffle & Co wrap up delish cold ice cream and fresh fruit inside warm waffles to make something that is so much better than an ordinary ice cream cone. Get your hands around the peanut butter and banana one for a serious treat.

Ramen Burger | The Don Burger

Victoria Park

Yep you heard right, ramen noodles have been turned into a burger bun. At Don Burger you can get any of the burgers in a ramen bun. My pick is going to the Super Ninja with karaage chicken, yuzu mayo, bacon, egg as well as the usual suspects like lettuce and tomato.

Cotton Candy Strawberry Smoothie | Shark Bites Toast

Victoria Park

Smoothies are healthy and cotton candy is not, so this dish is totally neutral ok? Maybe? Ok no. But if you’ve got a sweet tooth you might just have to try it. You can also get cotton candy lattes and lemonades if smoothies ain’t your thang.

Club’s Fried Chicken Sandwich | Batter Up Waffle

Food Truck

This is exactly what you think it is. A shed load of fried chicken sandwiched between two waffles. And lets not forget the ranch cream dressing, sumac honey and delicious pickles.

Cheesy Fries | Northbridge Brewing Company


These are kind of like nachos made with hot chips instead of corn chips and while I originally thought they should be a bit gross, turns out they are a bit delish. Hot chips topped with chorizo and chipotle sauce AND mac & cheese, then topped with sour cream and guac. Just trust me on this one.

Golden Gaytime Shake | Cafe 2TwentyFour


A milkshake topped with a whole Golden Gaytime. Kinda sounds unnecessary but also kinda sounds awesome because Gaytimes are the bomb. Oh and don’t worry it doesn’t stop there, you’ll also get some caramel sauce and pretzels on top, just because they are delish too.

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The Don Burger | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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