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Naked Yoga Is Coming To Perth And We’re Actually Keen

By Sophie Hodges
20th Aug 2018

Perth’s latest yoga trend is a little confronting, but stay with us, guys. 

Yoga instructor Rosie Rees started practising nude yoga in the comfort of her own backyard, coming up with the idea after moving in with a nudist. Nude yoga classes were the logical next step. 

After being shocked by how critical she was of her naked body, Rosie saw the power in expressing vulnerability, and how nude yoga could promote self-acceptance and body positivity. 

Rosie has been running workshops in WA for the past three years (usually with clothes on). Now she's doing it nude. The first naked workshop (on this Friday) has already sold out, but she told us today she'll be hosting another naked yoga workshop in October.

So what can you expect? First, women of all ages, shapes, sizes and shades, everybody is welcome. The three-hour workshop is all about accessing your most courageous, vulnerable and authentic self through yoga, meditation and sacred "Feminine Flow" dance. 

If you’re interested, but feeling a bit apprehensive, don’t worry, Rosie says most first-time nude yogis rock up to class feeling a little nervous. "A lot of women look petrified because they don’t know what to expect and it is really far out of their comfort zone," she says. 

But have no fear ladies, Rosie is there to guide you through a gentle and spiritually awakening practice, and she does everything in her power to make you feel comfortable and safe. “The room dimly lit," Rosie says. "The space is heated with incense, just to allow women to relax as much as possible as soon as they walk in.”

The change in participants is what tells Rosie she is onto something. "The change in women from when they walk in, to when they leave, is inspiring. Their body language and the way they carry themselves is completely transformed.” 

Her message is simple: accept your body as it is, ladies. Rosie believes once you accept your body, you can truly learn to love it. And sorry, lads—at the moment it's gals only. 

Here are the deets. Rosie’s three-hour workshop on the 24 August sold out quickly, but she's running another workshop in October. You can keep your eye out here for when tickets become available (or subscribe to her newsletter for notifications). Be sure to get in quick. You can stay up to date with Rosie's workshops here

Image credit: Stephan Sandian

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