Pranziamo | The Verdict

By Sarah Joanna Pope - 11 Jul 2017

This verdict has taken a bit longer to write than normal—but sometimes you just have to keep eating breakfast pasta again and again and again (it’s kind of a glutinous blur. I may have blacked out at some point) until you’re sure it’s true love.

Moving in across the road from Tommy Sugo and the much loved Re-store, and just down the way from Pappagallo, Pranziamo is a welcome addition to the growing Italian restaurant family on Oxford Street in Leederville.


Unlike its more new age neighbour Pixel Coffee Brewers, whose name is synonymous with colourful acai bowls and kale studded dishes, Pranziamo offers a simple menu of hearty Italian-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Some of the more outlandish choices—the ones that practically guarantee you a fleeting moment of Instagram fame—are the marocchino (a coffee that’s rimmed in Nutella and crushed hazelnuts), the tiramisu crepes served with homemade gelato, the Nutella Ferrero frappe, a ridiculous selection of traditional and non-traditional Italian desserts and homemade gelato.

And while this sugary bounty pleased my dining buddies to no-end, I’m all about the carbs, man, and the fried cheese. And that’s where the Mediterranean breakfast more than delivered—two pieces of toast (yes, they have gluten free!) topped with grilled halloumi, basil pesto, sautéed mushrooms, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket and a sunny-side up egg. Everything was cooked to perfection and seasoned well. I could keep coming back for this dish alone.


Moving onto the lunch menu, which I did on a separate visit (I’ve been there at least four times now), the halloumi stack (I wasn’t kidding about loving fried cheese) was a dream. I didn’t think of meat once while I was eating it, and that’s something. Piled high with grilled field mushrooms, butternut pumpkin mash, spinach, cherry tomatoes, hummus and pesto, it was a reminder that the most simple ingredients, cooked well, can be a real show stopper. My lunch date at the time had the mushroom and pecorino risotto topped off with truffle infused extra virgin olive oil and rocket, which was also a winner.


Pranziamo is now a regular stop on my breakfast circuit (just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in) and I haven’t been disappointed yet. And with winter upon us, you’d be crazy to not find out what their breakfast pasta—fresh fettuccine, sautéed pancetta, spinach, poached egg, pecorino, chilli, basil and garlic—has in store for you. Pasta for breakfast = genius.

Pranziamo—welcome to the family!

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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