Stop Stressing, You Can Still Get Your Hands On Showbags This Year

By Anna Franklyn
18th Aug 2020

Sour worms in a pile

It’s happened, the Perth Royal Show has been cancelled and while that is a huge downer for the agricultural industry, loads of businesses and all the parents who were planning on shipping their kids off with their aunties and uncles, there is still some good news. is making their showbags available online, and if that’s not one of the best pieces of news to come out of the disaster that is COVID then we’ll be damned.

Showbags range from $6 to $30 and while the beloved $2 Bertie Beetle bag isn’t on offer, there’s plenty that will tickle your fancy.

We’re eyeing up all of the chocolate showbags—there’s no going wrong there—and we’ll also be spending up big on the Wonka Deluxe box just to get our hands on those Runts. 

If you’re not into sweets, check out the novelty showbags and take your pick from Friends, Harry Potter, Pac-Man and so much more. Die-hard sports fans can get around the AFL and NRL bags and there’s also an entire section dedicated to toys and gifts which, while aimed at kids, we’d happily purchase for ourselves.

So stop your moping and get your showbags delivered right to your door, no lining up required.

Still searching for more ideas to get you through a September without the Royal Show? Here are five things to do in Perth instead.

Image credit: Sharon McCutcheon

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