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Skincare Via Skype | Is This The Future Of Beauty?

By Clare Acheson
26th Jan 2016

Nothing will replace visiting a skin clinic in real life, however sometimes hectic schedules, crappy public transport networks, long lunches that run a little too long, and a lack of desire to get out of your pyjamas can get the better of you. Don’t fret, beauty-loving Listers!  If making a date with your dermatologist has been on your to-do list for the past six months and still doesn’t look like it’s going to get locked in anytime soon, we may just have the solution for you: Skincare via Skype with The Cosmeceutical Curator.

The Cosmeceutical (we’ll explain what that word means in a minute) Curator is the brainchild of James Vivian, a qualified dermal clinician and the Travelling Peelsman, who realised that, for many busy ladies and gents, refreshing their skincare routine was a priority that often got pushed aside due to busy lifestyles. And so, The Cosmeceutical Curator was born – an online service that allows James to provide skincare consultations via Skype, complete with a variety of products that can be dispatched to clients’ doorsteps at the touch of a button.

Suffice to say, over at The Urban List, we thought it was a brill idea - so it was high time we gave it a try!

The 30-minute consultation itself is similar to an in-clinic appointment, bar the up-close-and-personal ability to examine the detailed surface of the skin (slash, judge you for your poor choices). Instead, the appointment takes place via a Skype video call, which allows James to evaluate your current skincare regime, address your personal concerns (T-zone congestion, always…), and share tips and insights into how to get the most out of your skin.

We found James super knowledgeable - and more importantly, approachable when it comes to even the most embarrassing skin problems. His familiarity with a broad spectrum of brands is top-notch too, meaning he can advise on what will work with current favourites (we would never give up our Aesop eye cream!), as well as recommending what could be a skin-saving product swap.

Once James has talked you through how to use your products effectively, including visual demonstrations of techniques, the Cosmeceutical Curator team will ship you your brand new beauty regime along with a hand written skincare prescription via super-quick courier service. That’s 48 hours from consultation to delivery - which is significantly longer than it takes me to actually make an appointmen... never mind miss it, rebook it, and actually show up on time.

Whether it’s a phone call or a Skype video call, you will receive one follow-up to make sure that you know what everything is, what it does, and how it’s used, and a second one-two weeks later to ensure that everything you are using is effective and, ultimately, right for you and your skin. You don’t get that from your regular facialist!

So, skincare via Skype: Is this the future? Will we be ditching our treatments for questionable Youtube tutorials, and saving on salon fees in favour of Snapchat sessions? Not exactly, but when it comes to daily skincare advice and nailing a routine that will help you maximise your God-given beauty assets, The Cosmeceutical Curator is certainly paving the way for a new kind of consultation.

And if you’re as busy as we are, Listers, his services are a total skincare blessing.

Check out The Cosmeceutical Curator online. Want more beauty in your life? Here are the top beauty products for 2016!

Image credit: The Cosmeceutical Curator /  The Urban List

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