Fire Up Your Computer, An Online Marketplace For Small Businesses In WA Is Coming

By Anna Franklyn
19th Mar 2020

It’s a tough time for small businesses right now, there’s no denying it, but one thing we’ll never get sick of is seeing people rally to help one another out; and that’s exactly what the Small Business Online Marketplace is doing.

Pieta, the creator of Perth Happenings, was unsurprisingly hit pretty hard with the all the event cancellations of late and was determined to find a way to help all the small businesses who would usually be at markets and events around Perth, selling their wares.

In three short days, she and her web developer (props to Craig from C4 Concepts), turned off the events side of her website and created an entire online marketplace which is open to any small business in Western Australia.

Each business will have a unique URL—its own virtual shopfront if you will—and they can send customers via their social media directly through to the URL link. If you want to have a browse, there will be a marketplace homepage where you can search by product or vendor.

So far, they’ve got businesses selling activewear, home décor, catering and food deliveries, perfume and so much more, and we’re willing to bet plenty more will sign up in the next few days.

Businesses can choose to post their goods, or some may arrange for contact-free pick up where convenient.

The marketplace will launch on Saturday 21 March, though subscribers to Perth Happenings will be able to access the store on Friday 20 March with a special password which will be sent via email.

For small businesses wanting to get involved, you can sign up here.

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Image credit: Charles Deluvio

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