The 5 Types Of People You’ll See At Brunch This Weekend

By Emily St John - 01 Sep 2018

The key to surviving Saturday brunch? Preparation. And by preparation we mean being ready for all types of scenarios you may experience on the day—from two-hour queues, to unripe avocados (honestly, could life get any worse?) and the nightmare of splitting a ten-person bill.

So, we’ve put together this handy little guide, because if anyone loves a Saturday brunch it’s us. ANZ also know a few things about smooth service, which is why they've released their brand-new ANZ BladePay™ device which together with the right POS vendor app can help you easily split bills (aka no more friendships ruined over shouting one too many coffees) and spend way less time queuing, with more quality time spent ‘gramming—err, eating your food.

After all, a little extra preparation never hurt anyone, right? 


Posted by The Urban List on Thursday, September 20, 2018

#1 The Impatient One 

You can spot “The Impatient Ones” a mile away. They’re usually seen making their way from waiter to waiter, trying to find one that will give in and put their name at the top of the 23-person waiting list. They’ll suggest making a table out of the milk crates they found in the side alley (yep, they even checked for spare tables down there). Sometimes, they’ll even suggest paying another group of seated guests for their table. To avoid a run in with one of these, we suggest choosing a venue that accepts bookings and one that lets you (easily) split bills.

#2 The Storyteller

Every group who brunches has one. They’re the person everyone counts on to lead and keep the conversation going. They’re energetic and charismatic, no matter the level of hungover-ness from the night before. He or she is the person who makes everyone else feel guilty for cramming ricotta pancakes in their mouth while they roll amazing tales off their tongue. Sometimes you even need a nap after hanging out with them. Know the one?

#3 The One Who Is Absolutely Not Having It

Whether they went out the night before, aren’t impressed by the venue choice or have had a falling out with someone in the group, there’s always one person that’s absolutely not having it. They often hide behind a pair of sunglasses, spend the whole time on their phone and have been known to exhibit “Resting Brunch Face”. Why they even bother coming to brunch is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

#4 The Lost Cause

They’re the only one in the group without their licence and require someone to drive them to and from brunch. They can never decide what to order and always ask someone else to do it for them. When it comes time to splitting the bill, this person almost always has forgotten their wallet at home.

#5 The Mother

This is the person who picks up The Lost Cause, and everyone else in the group who’s too tired to drive. He or she almost always chooses the venue and often orders on behalf of the group. Someone having a little too many mimosas? They’ll swap their champagne glass for one with only orange juice. He or she will always make sure everyone’s having a great time, often leaving their seat and checking on you individually. They also seem to have a bag full of extra supplies, like Band-Aids, bobby pins, chewing gum and a phone charger.

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