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Make The Most Of Summer With The Best Outdoor Dates In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
13th Dec 2019

50 Things To Do In Perth This Spring

We’ve got nothing against the standard drinks and dinner date, but when the weather warms up it would be rude not to make the most of it and head outside.

Whether you’re a super outdoorsy type or you’re more the ‘I drink wine on rooftops’ outdoors type, here are 10 of the best outdoor dates in Perth.

Take A Trip To Lesmurdie Falls

If you’re already sure your date isn’t a complete bore and you think you can handle more than half an hour in the car with them, Lesmurdie Falls is a pretty stellar spot. Take a little walk around (or do one of the hikes if you’re into that), then head to Mason & Bird or one of the other amazing Kalamunda cafes for a spot of lunch.

Get Fish And Chips By The Beach

Ah romance, you’re not dead after all. Pick your date up and take a little drive down the coast. Once your date is suitably impressed with your driving skillz you can park the car, order some fish and chips and then pop a picnic blanket down and watch the sunset. Bonus points if you manage to whip out a couple of cold ciders or a bottle of wine. Guys, double bonus points if you have a spare jumper or blanket on hand for when it gets cold.

Catch A Movie At The Outdoor Cinemas

Outdoor cinema season is one of those things that you wish for all year but then you don’t go nearly enough when it arrives. Change that this year by planning a date or two under the stars. 

Picnic In Kings Park

Yes ok, you probably could have thought of this one on your own, but you know as well as I do that you can’t leave Kings Park off a list about the best outdoor date spots. Pack yourself a picnic and some wine (don’t forget wine glasses and double-check you don’t need a bottle opener!) and find yourself a patch of grass to enjoy the views.

Go On A Mini Golf Adventure

I know, this is basically straight from an American teenage rom-com and it sounds corny AF but bear with me for a second. Getting outdoors and a little bit competitive is good for any relationship. Hopefully you’re either super coordinated or you’re the kind of person who can laugh at themselves, because what relationship doesn’t blossom after a bit of playful teasing on the mini golf course. And if the movies are anything to go by, you’re sure to get a kiss after this one.

Take Them On One Of Perth’s Best Walks

If your date has a pooch, this should be at the top of your list. There are plenty of walking trails around Perth so take your pick. You’ll definitely score some brownie points if you grab their dog (or your dog, or borrow someone’s dog if you really need to), head to the coast for a walk and then head down to one of the dog beaches for a play. If you’re lucky this might turn into lunch and afternoon drinks (and you might even score a little hand holding while you’re walking).

Trawl The Farmers Markets

If your date is the wholesome type, then suggesting a visit to your local farmers markets will have them weak at the knees in no time. Grab a coffee and some eats, then find a grassy spot to sit down and bask in the sun for a while. The atmosphere will be great and if you’re lucky there’ll be some live music too.

Get Boozy On A Rooftop

If you’re not quite ready to stray from the traditional drinks date but you want to make the most of the sunshine, a rooftop bar is the perfect compromise. You don’t need to prepare a thing and you can enjoy ice cold drinks all afternoon long. Cheers to that.

Eat Your Way Through The Night Markets

When (if?) the balmy Perth nights kick in, there’s nothing better than wandering around some of Perth's best night markets, making sure you check out every single thing that’s on offer and then going back to the first stand/truck/stall and ordering the same thing you always get. It’s about the journey not the destination, right? This is also the perfect way to find out some pretty important things about your date, like if your food preferences are compatible. If not, run for the hills.

Have A Group Date At The Lawn Bowls Club

If you’re trying to impress someone new and you’ve already taken them on a few stellar dates, an afternoon of lawn bowls is the perfect way to introduce your new squeeze to your mates. Get your most well-behaved friends together, play a couple of games, make fun of their technique (this is called flirting FYI) and then grab a drink afterward. There’s no way they won’t think you’re a top-notch bloke (or gal) after this.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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