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Take In The Universe At The Best Places To Go Stargazing In Western Australia

By Peta Brady
17th Jun 2020

A blue, starlit sky with lit up trees below.

Living in the city doesn’t lend itself to checking out stars. But good news: getting all starry-eyed around Perth isn’t too difficult. We've got heaps of beautiful twinkly skies spanning our vast state. It almost doesn't matter where you drive to be honest, but we've pulled together some of our favourite spots.

Here are 10 of the best places to go stargazing in Western Australia. 

Perth Observatory


35km east of Perth, just beyond the fringe of the city lights, you’ll find the heritage-listed Perth Observatory, and a team of dedicated volunteers ready to fill your brain with all sorts of astronomy-related facts. It’s a good one if you’re up for a little education with your stargazing, and less keen on a lengthy drive.

Sand Dunes


With nothing but white sand to reflect the night skies, Lancelin’s sand dunes (only an hour and a half out of town) have to be one of the best places to go stargazing. Grab a board and cruise down the massive dunes by day, then kick back and enjoy the stars after dark. The perfect weekend trip right there. 

Wave Rock


It's one of WA’s most famous landmarks, and Wave Rock also happens to be one of the best places to watch the sky literally explode with twinkling stars. It’s about four hours out of Perth, and the horizon is uninterrupted in all directions, meaning you’re in for one hell of a sky show.

GDC Observatory


For a world-class astronomy experience, you can’t beat the GDC Observatory just outside Gingin—about an hour from Perth city. Get up close and personal with the stars through one of their rather impressive telescopes, or simply look up and enjoy the view. The skies in this neck of the woods are spectacular year-round. 

Moore River

Keep heading up past Gingin and you’ll soon hit Moore River, one of WA’s best spots for camping, swimming, hiking, and general outdoorsy good times. The banks of the river also happen to be the perfect location for a spot of stargazing, so grab your tent and hit the road.

The Pinnacles


The weird Pinnacles landscape makes for a pretty breathtaking setting for stargazing. With not a speck of light pollution to cloud your views, it almost feels like you could count every star in the Milky Way. Go on, give it a try.

Avon Valley National Park


Roll out the picnic rug and set your eyes to starry, because Avon Valley National Park is one of the best and easiest places to get to for a dreamy date night. In fact, it's only an hour out of Perth. And on the off-chance your date turns out to be a dud, at least you’ll have an incredible view to distract you.

Lake Clifton

If you’re wanting to get fancy with your night photography, Lake Clifton is the ideal spot in WA to show off your night sky skills. The lake may be small, but stars are plentiful, and the lakeside jetty is the perfect vantage point for serious stargazers.

Dryandra Country

Narrogin, Wickepin, Pingelly, Cuballing

Head two hours south-east of Perth and you’ll hit Dryandra Country, where you’ll find camping sites dotted across the towns Narrogin, Wickepin, Pingelly and Cuballing—all hotspots for star-crossed lovers. The best time to visit is definitely in mid-December, where you can witness the mind-blowing Geminid Meteor Shower in the early hours of the morning.

Lake Ballard

If you’re after a truly unique stargazing experience, head north-east to Lake Ballard. A bit of a hike, at around 10 hours from Perth. The long drive is definitely worth it to see artist Anthony Gormley’s 51 steel sculptures positioned across the salt plains, which are strangely eerie and beautiful against the curtain of a black, starlit sky.

Want to continue to stargazing journey? Here are the best spots for stargazing all over Australia.

Image credit: Heiko Otto

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