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The Urban List Does Fashion Week

By Tessa Gallagher
23rd Sep 2015

Perth fashion

The biggest week on the Perth fashion calendar culminated on Sunday night with a sizzling Wheels & Dollbaby-shaped bang. This year’s Telstra Perth Fashion Festival saw Perth’s bold and beautiful out in force for five days of runway shows, glitz, glamour and lots and lots and lots of champagne. The Urban List was lucky to have front row access throughout the week and this is what went down #nowImustsleepforever.

The who—Designers Yang Li, Rebecca Paterson (33 Poets) and Toni Maticevski.

What went down—Runway stars included Queensland model Kia Low (who is killing it overseas) and face of the festival Tiah Eckhardt. In his opening address, Premier Colin Barnett accidentally called the event the Telstra Perth International Arts Festival. Cue horrified gasps! We’ll forgive him seeing as though we got a new PM the same day (his mind was obviously elsewhere) but still Col, not cool. 33 Poets’ experimental designs were show-stopping, Yang Li’s sharp monochrome designs were on point and the Maticesvki designs were my absolute faves— feminine, whimsical and very, very pretty.

What we wore—Maticevski, Rebecca Vallance, Amare. We glammed it up for opening night thanks to the dream team of Style by Yellow Button, ACO Cottesloe and makeup extraordinaire Erin Latkovic.

Goodie bag rating—5/10 (Low score due to no edible items.)

Random thoughts—The vibe is humming, everyone is gorgeous, the champagne is flowing, the smell of fake tan is permeating the VIP bar, the canapés are tiny (What are these? Canapés for ants?), and the killer playlist has people up and dancing. Did I mention the champagne is flowing? This is sahhhh fun! I don’t have to go to work tomorrow do I? Oh god…


The who—Myer’s leading Australian designers, including Aurelio Costarella, Morrison, By Johnny and Alex Perry.  

What went down—Former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch opened the runway. How does she have a baby? She looks amazing! This was a sold-out event and it was definitely 99.9% ladies. Perfume aromas everywhere!

What we wore—Justicia Ruano, Rebecca Taylor, Theory.

Goodie bag rating—6/10 (I think. I left mine under the table.)

Random thoughts—Having yesterday off to recover from opening night has me feeling fresh! I need champagne! I love champagne! I think I drank too much champagne! Everyone looks so pwetttty. Gahh I need an Uber stat.


The who—Vietnamese designer Phuong My.

What went down—Ahh this show was a vision! The fabrics (apparently sourced from Milan, Paris and Hong Kong) were goooooorgeous. The 46-piece collection was elegant, opulent and well…can it all please just get in my closet now please. Local florist Rebecca Grace styled the runway with petals and Eva Scolaro (who infamously went to jail for glassing another woman in a Northbridge bar) performed. Her jazz singing styles are way better than her glass handling styles, just sayin’.

What we wore—Ginger & Smart, Citizens of Humanity, Topshop, Philip Lim.

Goodie bag rating—7/10 (I see a pattern here. Will the closing night goodie bag include a puppy?)

Random thoughts—Everything is so beautiful. I need a million dollars ASAP! Seriously! I’m so tired (why do fashion shows start so late!) but yes, I will have a champagne. Oh, a refill? If you insist. It's Friday night after all!


The who—WA Designer Runway #2, Akira.

What went down—Some incredible designs graced the runway in both shows. A model fell into the crowd at the Akira show thanks to her eyes being entirely covered by flowers, yet she remained incredibly graceful the whole time—you go girl! 

What we wore—Kookai, Jeffrey Cambell

Goodie bag rating—8.9/10 (There was a scrunchie inside! Huzzah!) 

Random thoughts—Wowee, so many good-looking people everywhere. Not sure I’m super keen on the Gladiator sandal trend coming back in. Squeal! There is chocolate in my goodie bag! Loving all the bronzed babes on the runway! So many clothes, so little time. Waaaaa, faaaarshon, so excited!


The who—Steph Audini, Ae'lkemi and Wheels & Dollbaby.

What went down—Three words. Dita. Von. Teese. Picture 700 captivated people with their jaws on the floor as the 43-year-old sauntered sexily down the runway in a gold sequin gown before draping herself over a white piano to open the show. Woweeee. The rest of the show was legs, cleavage and sass galore. It was glorious! The glamorous Steph Audino dresses and bold, sassy Ae'lkemi outfits were rad (those 70s style jumpsuits were beyond!) but Wheels & Dollbaby was the star here.

What we wore—Maticevski, Rebecca Vallance, Theory. We felt dayumm fine, despite our weariness.

Goodie bag rating—10/10 (Obviously a reward for surviving a week of shows, they saved the best till last—hello headphones, nail polish, face serum, organic tea, hairspray and other necessary items to survive being stranded on a desert island.)

Random thoughts—This show is the biggest and most cray-cray of the week. Where have all these beautiful people come from? Last year's Bachie is here! And the Bachie from the year before? Is Sam here? The models are out and people are cheering! There’s wolf-whistles and standing ovations and there’s Dita. OMG. What a babe. The models have waited till the last show to smile! I think they’re anticipating the burger they’re going to wolf down on the way home tonight. What a night, what a week! I’m so tired! Let’s do it all again next year!

Our Fashion Week Hit List

Styling: Style By Yellow Button

Clothing: ACO Cottesloe

Make-Up: Erin Latkovic

Transport: Uber

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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