50 Things To Do In Perth If You’re Single

By Sarah Joanna Pope
14th Oct 2017


Being single is great!—and sad—and fun!—and frustrating—and free!—aaall the colours of the emotional rainbow. But the good news is, there’s always plenty of things to do when you’re flying solo. And we’ve found something for every shade of single.

  1. Embrace deprivation—with a visit to Beyond Rest’s flotation tank!
  2. Try goat yoga. Oh, you just got engaged? How sweet. I just did goat yoga. So f&*k you.
  3. Pay someone to touch you, well, with a massage at Limon spa.
  4. Cram a week’s worth of dates into one night with a friendly round of speed dating. It’s age-specific and oh-so-efficient.
  5. Roll the dinner party dice and meet some strangers for dinner—with Stranger Danger Dinners.
  6. Fall in love again … with your fresh new Studio Lioness ‘do.
  7. Work on your mad knife skills at one of Perth’s Best Cooking Schools.
  8. Learn a language. You may be desirable in other countries.
  9. Get your Gen Y lingo down—so you can meet some sweet young thing that’s thirsty AF.
  10. Dance your heart out—head to the Raffles Hotel on Tuesday night for some sexy salsa dancing.
  11. Or be that one person dancing to a cover band at The Paddo. It’s liberating.
  12. Or, if swing is more your thing, head to Mustang Bar on a Friday night.
  13. Grab a choc top and family sized popcorn and head to Luna Leederville. No one can tell you’re alone in the dark.
  14. Send yourself some purdy bunches from Plumm Wood. You’re worth it.
  15. Proceed straight to Bali to binge on acai bowls and yoga. If not just for the sweet Instagram gold.
  16. Celebrate your relationship with your furry friend—with your new signature pet bathers! It’s not weird.
  17. Get chunky … chunky cookies.
  18. Learn about sex via podcast, just in case it ever happens for you. Fingers crossed!
  19. Get fit AF at Surge Fitness. Hot and single now, fat and in a relationship later. The circle of love.
  20. Head down to Swanbourne beach for an invigorating skinny dip. It’s been too long since someone has seen you naked.
  21. Get legless zen with Boo Zee Yin.
  22. Indulge in the three course dessert tasting at Measure Dessert Bar.
  23. Get a cat.
  24. Get another cat.
  25. Head to the Cat Cafe to cheat on your cats.
  26. Take a Tinder time-out and head to COMO Shambala Urban Escape to recharge.
  27. Work on your ninja skills at Bounce Inc. They’ll go great with your sweet knife skills.
  28. Grab your gal pals and do the girliest thing a girly girl can do—high tea!
  29. Yoga hikes. Bliss on a mountain top.
  30. Netflix and chill. But, like, literally just watch Netflix.
  31. Watch the full three seasons of Outlander—and feel that sweet fictional passion in your lonely loins.
  32. Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!
  33. Learn how to make cheese. Everyone likes cheese.
  34. Show that buffet at Epicurean who’s boss! There will be no one to judge you or how much seafood you can eat.
  35. Start a relationship with one of Perth’s best personal trainers. They’ll never leave you.
  36. Find out why you are single based on your star sign. If you’re into that kind of thing.
  37. Grab a bud and head out on a friend date. Because the friend-zone can be a lovely place to live!
  38. Actually learn the Single Ladies dance for realsies at F is for Dance.
  39. Fill the void with a monster-sized meal—with Perth’s Most Ridiculous Food Challenges.
  40. Send your exes eggplants. All of them. Jerks.
  41. Grab your furry friend and head to wine country with Pawesome Tours.
  42. Or take them camping at one of these dog-friendly camping spots.
  43. Hit the road and check out some of WA’s best glamping spots.
  44. Go back to school—wine school!
  45. Become full bottle on Perth-centric pick up lines. Trust me.
  46. Head to the Perth Writer’s Festival to learn how to write a killer Tinder bio.
  47. Get some more cheese delivered to your house.
  48. Call your personal wine buyer at Vinomofo (yes, you get a personal wine buyer—hi Ellen!) and find out which wine goes best with loneliness. Chardonnay, it’s Chardonnay.
  49. Reach a new level of chill with mindfulness classes.
  50. Reach a new level of paranoia—and find out if your cat is cheating on you

Still need more? Here are 28 reasons why being single is awesome.

Image credit: How To Be Single

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