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Think You Know Perth? These 10 Things Might Surprise You!

By Tessa Gallagher
2nd Dec 2015

So you’re a Perthie and dang proud of it. You know the customs, where to get the best coffee, how to hunt down the best doughnuts and where the best swimming spots are (pre sea-breeze coming in).

But no matter how well we think we know our city, there’s always something new to learn. Here’s 10 epic facts about Perth (some of which might surprise you!) that will have you falling in love with our pretty city all over again.

  1. We are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to dining in Perth, with more restaurants per capita than any other capital city in Australia. Take that East Coast!
  2. But it wasn’t always like that! In 1935, just nine businesses were listed under the “cafes, restaurants and dining rooms” section of the Perth phone book, most of them English-style tea rooms serving sandwiches, cakes and tea in thick-rimmed cups.
  3. We do the small bar thang pretty well! Northbridge small bar Mechanics Institute was named the nation’s Best Small Bar at the Australian Bartender Magazine Bar Awards this year. It’s the second year running a Perth venue has won, with CBD underground whisky bar Varnish on King winning the title last year. *fist pump!
  4. Ok, so we all know that Perth is the most isolated city in the world (duhh!) but did you know it’s also the sunniest? Us Perthies actually live in the sunniest city in the entire world, basking in an average of 8 hours of sunshine on any given day! Yay us! Now go slip, slop, slap.
  5. Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world. That’s right, it even beats the pants off Central Park in New York which at 3.41km2, is considerable smaller than the 4.06km2 span of our beloved Kings Park.
  6. About 7000 years ago, it was possible to walk to Rottnest Island on foot because it was attached to mainland Perth. It only became an island when sea levels rose and submerged parts of the land. Let’s just say it woulda been a whole lot heavier heaving those cartons of beer to leavers week…
  7. Aussies and Kiwi’s may have been arguing over who invented the pavlova for years now, but as history books state, the humble pav was first created at Perth's Esplanade Hotel in 1935 by chef Herbert Sachse, who whipped up a frothy meringue and cream creation in the honour of Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova’s visit. Argument over! We win!
  8. The most widely said Perth-isms are ‘no wuzzas’, ‘see you tomozy,’ ‘the sea breeze is in’ and ‘wanna catch up this arvo?’ *These may or may not be real facts.
  9. In 1953, UWA Professor Fred Alexander brought to life his vision of a ‘festival for the people’. The Perth International Arts Festival, now held each February in Perth, is the oldest international arts festival in Australia and the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Look at us, so cultural!
  10. We sure do pump out some internationally famous peeps! A whole lot of super famous people were born in Perth including Tim Winton, Heath Ledger, Melissa George, Gemma Ward, World War 2 hero Keith Shilling, Daniel Ricciardo, Koko the kelpie (from Red Dog), Tim Minchin, and illustrator Shaun Tan. Perth may be small but she’s fierce!

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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