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So, Truffle Gin Is Apparently Now A Thing

By Chelsey Johnston
24th Jul 2018

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s this: when truffle season rolls around, we can’t get enough. We put it on damn nearly everything: truffle fries, truffle burgers, truffle festivals and now...truffle gin. Can't stop won't stop. 

Bass & Flinders Distillery (the guys that made the pink gin that spammed your Insta last year) are back, and they're pulling out the big guns with their latest and greatest invention.

If you want to be the fun-gi at your next party (sorry), you've got to get your hands on their new truffle gin. It’s the kind of bottle that'll not only look très chic on your liquor cabinet but will also make your friends go “Why does my G&T taste like soil?”

The masterminds from Bass & Flinders recommend having it neat, or served as a thyme-sprigged truffle martini to get the most out of the drink.

You can expect an earthy, truffle-y taste, made from Australian Black Perigord truffles. They've vapour infused the truffles and mixed in juniper, calamus root and angelica root to complement the taste (with those ingredients involved, we might even be able to claim this gin is for medicinal purposes. Hmm…)

Truffle gin is available online or, if you happen to be in Melbourne, from their distillery

If you're looking for more weird booze, get yourself some boozy tea.

Image credit: Bass & Flinders 

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