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We Decode Your Winter Wardrobe According To Your Star Sign

By Ally Parker
12th Jul 2018

Just in case you haven’t heard your entire office remark, “it’s cold!” we have a little a little PSA: it’s bloody cold—unless you’re somewhere like Queensland in which case, can we swap?

With this cold snap (that comes around every year BTW, yet I’m still hella shocked), there comes a new raison d'être: winter fashion. And where else to look but to the stars, moon and planetary alignment to work out what the heck you should all be wearing, amirite? Exactly. 

So, don’t just step out there willy-nilly in coat and scarf this winter. We’ve compiled exactly what the stars command of thee, now if Mercury could just sort itself out we could all get on with things. 

Snag: a vinyl trench
Avoid: scarves

Winter is a dangerous time for the not-so-humble Aries. Your hot head and cockiness ensure tight pants are off the table—they would only hinder your thrice-daily strut—and skirts inhibit three out of six go-to power poses. To show the world you, and you alone, will be the leader to the free world one day, wrap yourself in a vinyl trench coat that says ‘I’m a river of sweat under this but will never show it’ and a teeny tiny bag that screams, ‘my cold and calculating minimalism is my biggest power move’. 

And uh, stay away from scarves and beanies, we don’t want that head any hotter, ‘kay?

With a magnetic call to food and six hotdog-eating contests under your widely-notched belt, dressing a Taurus is a challenge and a half. Aside from strongly recommending those scooped bibs popular with the toddler sect (which we do), we also give a big thumbs up to any and all materials that are easy to wipe down. If you’re thinking anything other than plastic, vinyl or acrylic, you’re going in the wrong direction. 
And if that doesn’t work for you, just blame Jupiter (which we know you will).


Known for wit, intelligence and gift of the gab (and that’s just from your own LinkedIn) you, not-so-humble Gemini, needn’t worry about fashion this winter. Largely ‘cause you’ll flake out on plans at the last minute but also because it’s Gemini season and everyone’s on high alert. Instead, we recommend wearing a doona as much as possible and getting your gab on via Twitter (it’s working for Kanye right?). 

With a rising solar equinox and Pluto in its 12th house* this winter will be a little more achy than usual for the Cancer sign. Known for being supes emotional—and giving to the emotions of others—Cancer need not focus on fashion per se and more on mobility. How will these jeans move when I need to haul ass to mum? Will a puffy vest better allow for frantic phone calls? Or will it simply devolve into recitations of the much loved classic, ‘See My Vest’? These are the questions that matter Cancer, at least to you.

* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As a Leo you hold two things close to that fiery mess of a heart: 1) Those girls in Heathers weren’t treated with the proper respect and 2) Anyone who disagrees is welcome to scrap. If not opting for a Heathers look, we recommend Leo’s don an apathetic facial expression, Adidas kicks, mom jeans and that ‘is this inside out or nah?’ coat everyone is obsessed with. Some say it looks like a teddy bear, you say your lion’s mane has finally come in. 

As a Virgo you’re immaculate, fastidious and just a little bit nit-picky, so why not channel this energy into your winter fashion? With not a piece of lint in sight, an all-white winter wardrobe will be a shining beacon telling everyone that you, and you alone are pure and right. Rejoice dear Virgo, for you have achieved your final form.

Apparently berets are making a comeback this winter. To bad you’ll never get to try it out Libra. As the most indecisive of all the signs, there’s a good chance you’ll become stuck in a time loop at point of decision and need a Rick and Morty-style rescue to avoid triggering the collapse of the universe. Soz.

As a Scorpio the cold doesn’t really bother you. And no, it’s not your warm heart and caring nature. Rather, your competing desires to both a) get revenge on those who have slighted you and b) also kind of weirdly have sex with them, that stokes your inner flames. Regardless Scorpio, you could probably go out and about butt-ass nekked and still feel flushed. 

Saturn’s seventh moon has entered your water axis Sagittarius… or, you know, something like that. Look, it’s super complicated but essentially, this winter will be a toughie for you. As a commitment-phobe there will likely be a lot of new clothes coming into your wardrobe but none of them long-term staples. A brightly coloured monochromatic suit that is so ostentatious it could never be worn outside of Fashion Week will undeniably make an appearance. But just the once.

You’re often the odd-man out of the horoscope game Cappy, but this winter it’s time to shove misconceptions to the left and show the world you’re not just a meek sea-goat. You know what? Let’s go all out this winter. Beanie? Chuck it on. Tilt it sideways, f**k society. Partner it with a leopard print top, layered scarves, tall white boots and… oh, it’s gone too far. Not bad for a first try though.

Often referred to as an ice cube incarnate, an Aquarius sees the cold, harsh front of winter and sighs; it’s like coming home. In order to be your most fashionable self, ensure to don a long, off-the-shoulder dress with scooped bodice. A flowing, gossamer cape and thick braid will tie the ensemble together quite nicely. Yes, we are describing Elsa, why do you ask?

This winter will be extra cold for you Pisces, and not just ‘cause the whole world knows you once hurt Beyoncé. No, it’s going to be chilly ‘cause we foresee a lot of clear plastic headed your way. In fact, a PVC bag will likely make its way into your wardrobe, in part because it showcases your personal items (and hopefully dramas) to the world and also ‘cause it kind of reminds you of a fish bowl, your one true home.

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Design Credit: Sarah Law

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