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There’s An Augmented Reality Pop-Up Happening In Perth

By Tina Varghese
5th Sep 2018

Nothing excites you anymore? Well, we’ve got news to blow your unamused brains. If you haven’t already checked out the newly revamped Westfield Carousel mall, here’s another reason to make the drive—there’s a whimsical 3D augmented reality experience waiting just for you as part of Westfield's Taste.Shop.Play! And IT’S FREE.

ZOOM is an all-out sensory explosion set up at Carousel from 30 August to 11 October by the acclaimed art duo Karl and Craig. An eight-foot burger (no, sadly, you can’t eat this), heels big enough to house two people, and a giant, blown-up lippy are just some of the installations that will come to life at the humble touch of a button. The whole shebang is an opportunity for you to reconsider your perspective on the most menial objects you use every day. Bet you can’t think of a more creative way to spend date night.

You can check out the art walk and then head down to the immersive zone which features colourful, vibrant, gigantic inflatables that animate once you point your smartphone camera at them. Fancy, right? However, the whole jazz only unravels if you download the ZOOM app so make sure you do that beforehand! The best part is, the app also lets you record the extravaganza, so you can gleefully spread all that FOMO on Instagram like Christmas cheer.

The Details

What: Craig & Karl present ZOOM
Date: Thursday 30 August to Thursday 11 October
Time: Westfield Carousel’s shopping hours
Where: Westfield Carousel’s Fashion Mall, 1382 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA 

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Image credit: Supplied

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