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A Treasure Hunt Worth $100K Is Happening In Sydney Today

By Ange Law
2nd May 2018

treasure hunt sydney tim tam

Did you ever think you’d hear the words ‘Apollo’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘Tim Tam’ and ‘$100,000’ in a single sentence? Because now you have and team, that's basically what’s going down in Sydney as of right bloody now. In fact, it's happening nationwide.

The Tim Tam genie (remember him?) has made a comeback and he’s none other than magician slash recent Bachie export, Apollo. If the image above isn’t enough to hook you in, then frankly, nothing will. As of today, your fave choccie biscuit is launching a treasure hunt where three packets of golden Tim Tams (seriously) will be hidden among the supermarket shelves. The game is pretty simple—Shazam a promotional pack (you’ll know them when you see them) to reveal a clue on where the magical packets are hidden. Then we assume you’ll need to buy all the biccies you can get your paws on and cross your fingers. 

There are three golden packets hidden around Australia and the lucky winners will be granted three wishes to the tune of $100,000. All clues can be found here too and if you’re lucky, you might also win a year’s supply of Tim Tams, which they’ve worked out to be 52 packs. 

Well that’s it team—pack up your desk and head to your local supermarket stat. It’s time to buy up big and try to spot Apollo in his genie get-up. You know you’re keen. 

Want to catch up on the Bachie drama? Head here

Image credit: Supplied

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