8 Of Sydney’s Best Fried Chicken Burgers

By Lucy King
16th Jul 2016

fried chicken burgers sydney

Something is happening in Sydney. Something everyone should be excited about and ready to drop everything for. We are detecting an unofficial Fried Chicken Movement taking place (potentially) right outside your door. Never before have we seen the demand for buttermilk chicken burgers climb so high. 

Now, if you don’t know where to start, or how to join this fast paced movement, we have your back with a list of the best fried chicken burgers to grace our Sydney streets. 


Surry Hills

Believe it or not, there is officially a hybrid establishment in Surry Hills serving both covetable sneakers and delicious fried chicken burgers. We’ll just let that sink in for a moment. Oh wait, one more thing, this eatery is also part champagne bar. Once consciousness is regained, read on for more. Butter is the glorious brainchild of the team behind Glebe Point Road’s Thievery with 2015 Young Chef of the Year, Julian Cincotta, behind the menu. Julian and the Butter team are serving hard-to-beat and juicy fried chicken burgers which come with pickles, dashi butter and a side of slaw. It ain’t graceful to eat, but no one’s judging.

Juicy Lucy

Surry Hills

If you’re searching for a tasty chicken burger with a little twist—a South East Asian twist to be exact—then cross the road to Juicy Lucy, a classic chicken shop in Surry Hills (a suburb that quickly appears to be turning into the fried chicken capital of Sydney). The Lil Kim is a thing of beauty, with a perfectly piece of fried chicken, kim chi, slaw and Korean BBQ sauce all sandwiched between the softest of buns. If it were legal to marry a fried chicken burger in Sydney, it might be this one.

Thirsty Bird

Potts Point

Don’t be fooled by the five-seater space, this tiny takeaway joint packs mighty flavour into every single piece of delectable fried chicken, and we’re not kidding. In fact, Thirsty Bird is so passionate about fried chicken that every piece is given the royal treatment. The chicken is air dried in a cool room for 24 hours, followed by a creamy buttermilk bath, all to enhance its mouth-watering golden crunch. There are three chicken burgers on the menu including the Southern fried, Yankee and Katsu, plus the heartstoppingly bonus option to double it. It’s big, it’s tasty and will cure any fried chicken burger cravings you may be sporting.

Pub Life Kitchen 

Ultimo and Rozelle

Are you in need of some TLC? If you thought Tender Loving Chicken, you seriously need the help of Pub Life Kitchen’s T.L.C Burger, pronto! It consists of buttermilk chicken (of course), McClure’s pickles (essential), cheese (um yes please) and green Sriracha mayo (for a bit of kick). Loaded into a soft milk bun, this is all kinds of soft and crunchy, and the kind of fried chicken burger we dream about at night. No, really.

Bangbang Café

Surry Hills 

This unassuming little café in Surry Hills actually makes some of this city’s best burgers. Bangbang has your back with the Burger of the Week and, our favourite, Burger Fridays. The entire menu is delicious, however the fried chicken burger deserves some kind of chickeny medal or something. You be the judge. With buttermilk fried chicken, Sriracha cabbage slaw, lettuce, tomato the unexpected addition of sour cream, this is one tasty burg.

Belle’s Hot Chicken


The upcoming area of Barangaroo is redefining Sydney, and Belle’s Hot Chicken in Barangaroo is redefining fried chicken in Sydney. This sweeping statement is backed up by the line bursting from Belle’s that always seems to be 20 deep. But trust me, “it’s worth the wait” has never applied more. The Belle’s Chicken sandwich, may be called a sandwich, but it is most definitely a burger. And a delicious one at that. With a choice of one side, you’ll be laughing (well, before you fall into a food coma).

Belle’s Hot Chicken is leaving Barangaroo for a short time, but will be back as a permanent fixture in September, and will also be opening up shop in Tramsheds in Harold Park.

Johnny Lobster

Crows Nest

Located up in Crows Nest, Johnny Lobster is bringing the good stuff to the people north of the bridge. The chicken is boneless, skinless and marinated overnight so that you can enjoy juicy fried chicken served either on a buttery role or a simple classic plate. Served with aioli, hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, house-cured pickles all on a St Malo bun (the bakery across the road), it’s safe to say Johnny is our hero. Not only because Johnny serves incredible fried chicken with the hot sauce to match, but because this spectacular eatery prides itself on locally sourced produce.

Brooklyn Depot 

Surry Hills 

Due to the steadily growing love and impatient demand for quality fried chicken in Sydney, Brooklyn Depot has landed in the unofficial Fried Chicken Capital of Sydney: Surry Hills. After huge success in the Gold Coast, Brooklyn Depot Burgers & Brew expanded south to ensure Sydney based burger and beer lovers never went hungry or thirsty again. It’s a fried chicken fairy tale! There are two, yes two, chicken burgers on the menu, but the Chicky Babe in all its fried chicken glory is the one we’re talking about today. Coming with buttermilk chicken thigh fillet, Depot slaw, chilli relish, American cheese, cowboy caviar and chipotle mayo, it’s a delicious beast of a thing.

If you're obsessed with fried chicken as much as we are, here is where you can get Sydney's best fried chicken

Image credit: Pub Life Kitchen

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