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8 of The Best Hydrating Face Masks

By Bree Nowland
17th Jul 2017

8 of The Best Hydrating Face Masks

Did you know face masks are the second most Googled bathroom item behind bath bombs…More importantly, is anyone actually still using bath bombs!? The humble facemask, on the other hand, should be taking pride of place on everyone’s vanity. Especially in Winter, when you need to save your pretty pennies for mulled wine and pasta (sorry, expensive facials); but your skin is dehydrated, a little lack-lustre and likely in need of a little (or a lot) of TLC. 

From sheet masks, to antioxidant-infused gels, to clarifying clays; there’s a hydrating, nourishing facemask out there for everyone. Slather on, grab a glass of wine, cue your fave Netflix series and get ready to banish all of your skincare sins and be left with instant complexion gratification (sans Snapchat filter), because we’ve rounded up 8 of the very best hydrating face masks for you to try right now.

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African Botanics | Marula Mineral Cleansing Mask

If blocked pores, breakouts, redness or inflammation are on your list of skincare concerns then this clay mask is basically a pale-grey magic paste. It’s enriched with Marula Oil (which has four times more Vitamin C than oranges) and African bush plants to brighten and hydrate your skin whilst clearing dessert-induced breakouts.

Dermalogica | Skin Hydrating Masque

Been travelling or snuggling up to your heater? Chances are your skin is in need of a big, juicy, hydration boost. Enter Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque, that instantly boosts skin hydration with ingredients like tomato seed oil and carrot root extract, whilst enhancing the skin’s protective barrier (winter windburn won’t stand a chance!).

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Proplenish | Anti-Ageing Facemask

Active botanicals, Swiss snow algae and hyaluronic acid make up this brightness-boosting sheet mask. It’s designed to repair, hydrate and protect your precious skin, especially in the winter months.

Caudalie | Moisturizing Mask

Caudalie is a socialite and supermodel fave—and with good reason. This brand uses some of the most unusual natural ingredients like grape seed oil and in just 15 minutes nourishes your pretty complexion, reduces redness and delivers a dewy glow that lasts for days.

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Clinique | Overnight Moisture Mask

Not a drill—nor a dream—this moisture-boosting mask gives skin a big drink of water whilst you sleep. It soothes tight, temperamental skin whilst giving you a little bit of a glow. No messy lotions to carefully remove, or sheets to peel off, just slather on before you catch your nightly ZZZ’s and you’re good to go! Or, glow… 

Ella Baché | Intensive Extreme Regenerative Mask

Literally a fancy facial in a packet, that can be applied from the comfort of your couch. This little sheet-mask promises instant skin rejuvenation in less than 20 minutes. It rehydrates, smooths, plumps and softens the skin with thanks to hyaluronic acid and collagen. 

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Dennis Gross | Hyaluronic Modelling Mask

This bright-blue jelly-like mask boosts moisture and oxygenates your skin, turning from a gel and setting to a super-cold jelly cushion that you can lift right off your face in one piece. It leaves skin firm, plump and smooth all whilst shrinking pores in just 7 minutes!

Glamglow | Gravity Mud

This mud mask was made for Instagram selfies. It turns from a white cream to a metallic silver shield in minutes. It smooths little fine lines (that you, errrr, don’t have) and evens out skin tone to deliver a radiant complexion in less than half an hour. 

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Image credit: J Ovana Rikalo
Design credit: Gabriella Bjorklund 

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